Nividia Success story | Nividia facts

Nividia Success story | Nividia facts

Nvidia facts and history

If you're passionate about gaming or just computers in general and Nvidia is an American company that is best known for their design of GPUs or graphic process units and Soc's California and established itself in the gaming industry and actually decided to expand to other areas such as data centers professional visualization and auto the history of the company begins back in the 1990s with the three co-founders anticipating the next wave of computing being graphics-based they started off with a capital of $40,000 and have been in the game ever since in 2014 and Nvidia decided to fully focus their resources on four markets gaming, professional visualization, data centers, and auto and if since added artificial intelligence to that list nowadays Nvidia is one of the most powerful companies in the tech industry and invests money in constantly being a step ahead of the game and setting new technology trends.

1. Nvidia invented the first graphics processor chip

Nvidia established the term GPU in 1991 when they started to market the world's first GPU their GeForce 256 this was the single-chip processor with integrated transform lighting triangle setup clipping and rendering engines their competitors ATI Technologies all so came out with one but they called it the VPU or Visual processing unit in 2002 Nvidia's GeForce 3 was the first chip that could perform programmable shading it actually gave PlayStation 2 a run for its money if you tried using it in the Xbox.

2. The name comes from the Latin word Nvidia which means 'Envy'


The company is known for using symbolism and a lot of wordplay in their marketing and of course, the name they chose for the company doesn't come short the name has a double nuanced meaning of envy but also vision and when pronounced it actually makes you think of video mythology connects vision and envy as both are represented with the symbol of an eye the guys at Nvidia seem to have a passion for mythology as their high-end products are called Titans they'd like to play the envied card a lot as well and they went on to use the slogan green with envy for their GeForce 8 Series they use green for the company theme and the logo resembles an eye.

3. Nvidia is known for being a great place to work


The company that's known for designing GPUs for the gaming market is also known for being a great place to work a senior network engineer at Nvidia says that working at Nvidia is fun the working environment is great colleagues are very helpful and extremely smart everything happens there the speed of light lots of amazing benefits that are the best in the industry Business Insider actually rated the company as part of the 25 best tech companies to work for they were also chosen to be a part of the list of the 50 best places to work in the US well people working at Nvidia must be pretty happy and grateful for being there it seems like such an amazing company to work for. 

4. They support women in technology


It's always great to see companies that support women who are interested in expanding their knowledge in the tech industry there's actually an Nvidia woman in technology or WIT forum that does just that gives women the chance to learn more about the Nvidia technology the idea behind WIT is to develop an understanding of Nvidia products with the women that work in the company in technical or non-technical areas this way having a full understanding of the Nvidia products they'll be able to have a wider contribution to the development of the company Nvidia WIT is reaching out on an international level as well as it was also involved in the women in animation India series.

5. According to Forbes, they have a market capitalization of $59.1 billion

Nvidia was founded in 1993 by Chris a Malkowski Curtis are pre-M and Jensen way they took the company a long way since the 90s and now have two areas of business they focus on the Tegra processor and the graphics processing unit these two units actually include different products for desktop tablets and smartphones, therefore, they cover a very wide range of the tech market nowadays the Tegra processor is meant for small devices like tablets and smartphones providing minimal power consumption while also offering great visual experiences the graphics processing unit covers the other side part of the market offering chipsets and other products for PCs.

6. False advertising cost them some serious cash and fans


Overselling and false advertising always come back to hurt the company's reputation why do people still try such marketing schemes we have to wonder well Nvidia didn't come out clean from this one as they were subject to a class-action lawsuit which they decided to end in a settlement the lawsuit addressed the false marketing that the company used to promote the GeForce GTX 970 graphic card a large number of customers were disappointed to find that the specifications of the card were not as advertised but much lower the customers stated that they did not receive the full value of the product they paid for in terms of processing the characteristics set forth above yet paid a price premium for the GTX 970 device.

7. AMD their biggest competitor shamed them in an open letter

They don't play the competitive game lightly their Geforce partner program received sanctions from the US Federal Trade Commission because of their anti-competitive approach Nvidia took their partnerships to the level of encouraging them not to sell any AMD products and therefore use the upper hand to sell their GPUs this kind of approach determined AMD come out with a statement saying that "quote Our proud pastime of PC gaming has been built on the idea of freedom" this was meant to put into light that AMD is committed to transparency and runs innovation in an open manner in the tech world one day you're in and the next you might be out so being aggressive with marketing and sales is something tech giants have been doing for a long time.

8. A Chinese company is giving them a massive headache


The Chinese like to keep their technology secret and this gives big companies like Nvidia a lot of headaches one of these companies is Bitmain technologies a Beijing based company that acts in the now very profitable cryptocurrency markets in 2017 they were estimated to have gained around four billion dollars in profit this makes the big tech players like Nvidia and AMD feel a bit overwhelmed and threatened Bitmain main basis their profits on the production of their chip that is used in mining bitcoins these applications specific integrated circuits seem to offer more power and efficiency and performance in the products made by Nvidia and their direct competitor AMD. 

9. They have a new partnership with Volkswagen


As AI seems to be the next big thing and everyone wants to be a part of it Nvidia is partnering with Volkswagen to give artificial intelligence capabilities to their future car models this partnership might materialize in the form of an intelligent copilot system but an official statement of the exact nature of the final product was not released the CEOs of Nvidia and Volkswagen seem to be highly optimistic regarding the future of their partnership declaring that in a short matter of time just a few years all vehicles will be adapted to include AI assistants for voice gesture and facial recognition, as well as augmented reality.

10. Jensen Wang has a net worth of $5.5 billion

According to Forbes Jensen Wang is one of the cofounders of Nvidia the company that's known for producing high-quality graphic processors he's currently the CEO and president of the company and made the Forbes list as one of the highest-paid CEOs in u.s. he's originally from Taiwan and a graduate of Oregon State University he then went on to move to California and follow an electrical engineering master's degree at Stanford University but he hasn't forgotten his alma mater as he donated 30 million dollars to Stanford University for the building of the Jensen Wang School of Engineering Center that's a good way to give back and contribute to the next generation of tech enthusiasts.

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