What's new in Microsoft Windows 11 | Key features of Windows 11

What is Windows 11?

At first glance, Windows is little more than a major interface redesign on top of what is fundamentally Windows 10, but on closer inspection, there is more going on under the hood than we give it credit for. 

In particular enhanced support for hybrid architecture processors with both a mix of performance and power-saving CPU Course like Intel's Lakefield That is going to be a big deal in very little time.

What's new in Windows 11 Design

Image Source: XDA Developers

The most obvious improvement is of course through the new visual design. It s a frosted Glass aesthetic with multiple themed styles, rounded corners on Windows, and a Center aligned taskbar. An optimization that Microsoft made clear was for touch users. 

The new Start menu clearly lifted from Windows X is powered by the Cloud which appears to be code for We included Bing search as usual, but Hey now your recent documents will sync across devices if you're using Microsoft Office365 so that s pretty cool.

The taskbar is now locked to the bottom of the screen.

The Start menu no longer has support for folders or groups.

Live tiles are gone the menu itself cannot be resized and Tablet mode is gone and replaced with the new touch inputs.

Windows 11 New layout Management

Snap layouts let you quickly and easily tile Windows in different orientations similar to how the fancy zones Power toy works today except it's significantly more user-friendly and significantly less configurable. Microsoft says that Nobody else lets you do that with this many Windows, and that ended up being one of the biggest revelations of the presentation.

They do bring something new to the table here though, windows groups this way will group together in the taskbar and be treated like a single item, so you can switch to and from a window layout on the fly and your multiple virtual desktops can now be customized with different wallpapers to make it easier to keep track of them.

The issue where Windows would rearrange themselves semi-randomly when and monitors are disconnected and reconnected. So instead they will minimize Windows that was on the removed display and then put them all back when you reconnect This is going to make docking a laptop way less frustrating.

There s more for all in ones and touch displays in general as well. Touch targets are bigger now with more visual feedback and there s a new onscreen keyboard that we didn't t get to properly test drive just yet That looks a lot like the iOS keyboard right down to the ability to move the cursor around by holding the space bar.

What about gaming in Windows 11

After debuting on the Xbox Series X Auto HDR, Windows and direct storage support are baked into Windows at the OS and driver level. That's going to bring Windows more in line with Xbox from a feature standpoint. 

And personally, I am really excited to see both of these in action, I mean given the Windows Team's historically terrible HDR implementation. I am hesitantly optimistic about automatically converting older non-HDR games to HDR.

But Direct storage that allows your GPU to access your systems game drive or any other drive directly should substantially improve Loading times and games once it's supported.

Xbox Game Pass is now integrated into the Xbox app that comes with Windows and we got more promises of cross-platform play as is the tradition by now.

New Tablet Mode

Screen rotation which is much more screen lines now with Windows rotating smoothly with the display and tiled Windows in landscape mode stacking onto each other rather than arranging unpredictably like they used to.

Microsoft Teams is now intrigued by Windows 11

Microsoft Teams is now integrated into Windows directly. There s now a dedicated icon for teams Then that gives you what looks like a searchable jump list of recent contacts and buttons for interacting with them.

An all-new Windows store

Now windows store has the ability to show movies TV shows and other content regardless of the streaming service and integration with the Amazon App Store.

Android apps for Windows 11

Yes my friends you can now run Android apps directly in Windows, there s no word yet on whether side Loading is possible or if you are stuck with the Amazon Store, but this is still really cool.

As for why they're doing it our best guess is that if enough people run Android apps on Windows, developers will finally buy into Microsoft's pitch about how it is Super easy to Port your apps natively to the Windows Store and enjoy Microsoft's industry-leading Rev share and support for outside payment processors.

New Widget Pannels

The new Widgets panel is nothing like Gadgets and Vista. Microsoft describes them as a beautiful sheet of glass powered by A.I. In fact, they are pretty much the news and interest panels that Microsoft added to Windows 10 in the 2021 update, but with some additional features and A.I., it is coming to Windows 11.

Pricing and availability of Windows 11

They didn t talk about this much in the presentation but from the FAQ we have put together that it will be a free update for Windows users. And it'll start shipping in late on new PCs with standalone copies available in early 2022.

As for pricing well, Microsoft didn't say anything about it.

What are the minimum System requirements for Windows 11?

So according to Microsoft, To install Windows 11, your PC must have at least these Specs
  • 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC) with two cores or more and a clock speed of 1GHz or faster
  • 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage
  • System Firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot capable
  • TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0
  • Any GPU compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver
  • HD (720p) Display that is greater than 9-inches diagonally with 8 bits per colour channel
For all Windows 11 editions, internet connection is required to perform driver updates and to download some other features. A Microsoft account is must required for the first setup. 

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