Top 10 DSLR like pro camera apps for android Free Download 2022

The stock camera app on your android device will be perfectly great but you can get some extra features, some manual features, and simply some better features in some of these apps. So in this article, you will get the top 10 best DSLR-like free camera apps for your android phone.

These android camera apps come with a wide area of features such as multiple short modes, composition overlays, steady short help our editing tools, and post-processing special effects. 

1. Google Camera

So kicking things off, we have the most obvious one which is google camera. I mean this is practically the best camera out there.  It makes use of google's computational processing the same that the company has on its pixel line up and raises it to your device.  

We've seen even budget smartphones, compete with flagships with G cam and sort, of course, installing it is a hustle since all phones are not supported and nowadays you have to download the apk, and then an XML content file to get the best results. 

It's a community-driven project and results can vary from device to device.  But if your device has a good g comport available, don't think twice, just install it.

Best Features of Google Camera Free

  • Amazing Night Mode
  • Best for Natural Photography
  • RAW+JPG Support
  • And More

Here You Can Download GCAM for Other Android Devices

2. Pixtica

This camera app has tons of shooting features and camera controls in a neatly designed package.  There are manual camera controls, the ISO, shutter speed, and focus.  The app also comes with extra goodies such as life filters with real-time previews, panorama, and hyper-lapse modes, a photo editor, and much more.

Best Features of Pixtica

  • Gif Recorder
  • With Video Editor
  • Meme Editor

  • And More

3. Lightroom

If lightroom is a great camera you'll probably think Yeah in terms of photo editing obviously.  Well think again, Lightroom has a feature-rich camera mode inside it as well. 

The Lightroom app allows you to have a proper pro mode with controls such as exposure, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, focus points, and much more.  The app also lets you shoot raw images in DNG format.

And that's not all their filters on offer as well that lets you view in real-time how your photo would come out so you don't have to spend time editing it later on

Best Features of Lightroom Camera

  • DNG Support
  • Smart HDR
  • Tons of Filters

  • And More

4. Camera 360 - Best Beauty Camera App

Another app that you might think is just an editor is camera 360. I mean the app is known for all of its quirky and funny stickers and additional templates and everything.

With the camera, 360 up is well true to its name and offers a good camera mode as well.  It comes with a variety of short modes, tools, and settings for sprucing up your shots such as tilt-shift blows, a post a riser, and more.  

There's also a selfie camera mode that can bring out skin tone and visual ambiance to give you exactly the look and feel you want for your next self-portrait.  Additionally, you can turn on advanced adjustments in the settings to further control. Things like saturation, contrast, and white balance. 

Best Features of Camera 360 Camera

  • Tons of Beauty Modes
  • Tons of Filters
  • Also A Good Photo Editor
  • And More

5. Footej Camera 2

Now if you've been following the third-party camera space recently, you might already be familiar with footage cameras. Well now there's a new updated version of that and that also promises better image quality with more advanced controls.  

The footage camera 2 relies on the camera to API and newer hardware to provide manual user control focus settings, shutter speed controls, and the ability to set focus and exposure from different points of the image. 

You'll also enjoy features like a burst mode, slow-motion recording, and more.  There's a premium version on offer as well but the free version should be fine for most folks.

Best Features of footage camera 2 Camera

  • Tons of Manual Controls
  • RAW Support
  • Focus and exposure from different areas 

  • And More

6. Open Camera - One of the Best Manual Camera

Moving on you cannot make a list of the best camera apps for android and not talk about the open cameras. I mean seriously it's the best open-source camera about the open camera. 

Like I said, it's an open-source camera uploaded with the town of features.  You had a variety of tools such as auto stabilization, ISO, and exposure controls, exposure lock, shutter controls, countdown timers, and even Weiss triggers for taking a  photo. 

This app is completely free and also it's an open-source app. You can choose the bit rate of video recording in this one as well which is really cool so that means you can choose the quality of the video the higher the bit rate usually the higher quality.

Best Features of Open Camera

  • One of the Best manual Camera out there
  • RAW Support
  • External Mic Support

  • And More

7. CYMERA - Best Free Camera App for Selfies

Lastly, if you're all about selfies, no app matches cymera.  Cymera Camera is an upper selfie enthusiast.  You'll also find short settings for anti-shake, a short-timer, and touch shooting.  

The app even comes with your standard makes-off stickers and filters.  Then you have transformation tools as well to help you beautify your shorts with features such as blemished concealers, stretch tools, and much more.

Best Features of footage camera 2 Camera

  • Best Free Camera app for selfies
  • Tons of Effects and Filters
  • Also a Good Photo Editor

  • And More

8. Manual Camera

There are actually two versions of this app there's a light version there's a pro version pro obviously has some more features and no limitations whatsoever but the light version I think for a lot of people is going to be enough.

So you have pretty much every manual control that you want right here. It is actually very intuitive and it's laid out in a tiered system so you just enter one of the controls then it gives you a bunch of other controls that you can change and edit.

If you are in the free version it's mostly the video features that are going to be limited however even in the free version you get a lot of controls that you can change and I really like the settings screen, it's modern and it's really easy to understand you can choose the video frame rates and also the bitrate of the video as well and that's not something you can do in every app.

A really great feature of this app though is focus peaking and this is something that actually a lot of cheaper cameras don't have, you usually have to go up to maybe a medium or a high-end camera to actually get focus peaking you can get that in this app.

Best Features of footage camera 2 Camera

  • Real-time filter / color effect
  • Tons of Manual Controls
  •  Set Video frame rate and bit rate

  • And More

9. Pro shots

You can shoot in raw, jpeg, raw+jpeg, change different aspect ratios, shoot in 4k up to 30 frames per second, of course, your device has to support it but more on that you have custom frame rates, you can change the shutter speed, the iso everything to your heart's content has a complete manual experience on your phone.

As well as have a lot of other cool features such as the scopes and other things that let you visualize different things while shooting if you need a free app and if you need an application that can do all of these pro DSLR features I think this is the one to go for definitely check out pro shots.

Best Features of Pro shots Camera

  • Live Histogram
  • Shoot in JPEG, RAW or RAW + JPEG* (RAW = .DNG file)
  • Shoot full resolution in 16:9, 4:3, and 1:1

  • And More

10. FiLMiC Pro

I mean honestly, there is no other way to put it the app is a pretty expensive app when it comes to the normal charges that you get for purchasing apps on the play store.

This application has it all it lets you shoot in film's own codec which is a very high-end codec that lets you shoot in 4k up to 240 FPS if your device supports it. 

it has a lot of cool features including your volumetric scopes, your waveforms, as well as the ability to configure your focus, as well as zoom manually along with a lot of more information and more importantly it just makes your phone's camera super stable gives you the iphone look on your android video if you will.

This is the application that is totally worth the money that the developers are asking for and number two is the only app that you will ever need for shooting video on your phone once you purchase it.

Best Features of FiLMiC Pro Camera

  • One of the best Camera App For Video Recording
  • Dual arc slider controls for manual focus and exposure
  • Live RGB, saturation, and vibrance controls

  • And More

I hope this article was helpful for you. Let me know in the comments down below which was your favorite application and if you guys have any other apps that you wouldn't want to tell us please comment down below.

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