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facts on apple

Facts on apple If Apple is seen, then it is counted in the 4 biggest top 10 cups in the world, as the name of Apple comes with Go… Read more

iPhone 12 latest leaks and rumours

iPhone 12 latest leaks and rumors If seen, Apple launches its smartphones and products every year in September and t his year the… Read more

Android 11 features

Android 11 features The beta for the next version of Android, which is Android 11, is available for Pixel phones starting today. … Read more

Google facts | history

Google facts | history The search engine and technology company that over a billion people rely on every day, of course, we… Read more

Evolution of Smartphone

Evolution of Smartphone Android smartphones are there since 2008 but in the last 10 years, they have evolved a lot. So let's … Read more

How does Camera work?

How does Camera work? If you were to guess how many smartphone pictures will be taken throughout 2018, what would you guess? Pe… Read more

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