Spotify Success Story | Spotify facts

Spotify Success Story | Spotify facts

Spotify history and facts

The podcast video and music service called Spotify had its beginnings in Stockholm Sweden it's actually a free service though if a listener does not pay they'll be listening to advertisements as well if they do pay they can listen to as much music as they want ad-free it's available worldwide and can be used with most smartphones and on most computers it's also a social device as listeners can link up to share music, playlists, videos, and podcasts they can also make playlists together it's a great way for up-and-coming artists to be discovered and it has millions of users worldwide.

1. Spotify is one of the first companies to file for direct listing for $1 billion


Spotify filed for a direct listing of its shares which is when a company finds an offering without raising new capital thus they're able to make money without using a banker the company would like to be able to trade on the New York Stock Exchange which would allow employees and investors to sell their shares without the company needing to spend money on brokers the company is available in more than 60 countries now and is the biggest in the world "followed by Google".

2. Spotify may have Siri and Alexa

The company is playing with a voice control interface that is similar to Alexa or Siri they have the new feature in the spacebar so you can only find it if you're looking for it once you type something into the search bar you can find a playlist and also spot a microphone that will now you to eventually talk to a voice control interface what happens is that users will be able to ask it to do things, for instance, you can say find the Beatles or find Punk playlists or even show me the music I play most frequently this should allow it to be free of its current reliance on Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa.

3. Spotify plays musicians based on their popularity


Spotify pays as a result of the number of artists plays and a quantity of the total number of songs that have been played on Spotify this means that there is no fixed price which can at times upset artists there have been certain musicians including Radiohead and Taylor Swift who've complained about Spotify and the amount they get paid however artists such as singer-songwriter Katy Shaw belief that Spotify pays well and the problem is actually the record labels Zoe Keating another musician who specializes in the cello is a Spotify advocate and she says she was paid fifteen hundred dollars through Spotify.

4. Discover weekly knows what you want


Spotify has a list called discover weekly that knows what you want some people to know this but several don't as it's not used as often as some may think to discover weekly will figure out what type of music you listen to through algorithms and it'll make your music selection catered to your specific unique tastes discover weekly includes 30 songs that you're sure to love because they're so similar to your taste but difficult to find this is a unique aspect of Spotify that Pandora doesn't exactly offer and it opens up new doors for both listeners and artists.

5. It has over $4 billion in annual revenues


Spotify has more than 71 million premium subscribers and is worth over 4 billion in annual revenues it is, of course, the leader in the music running market surprisingly Spotify produced four point nine billion dollars in 2017 which was up thirty-nine percent however Spotify bills occurred quickly which did cause some losses the company spent over 3.8 billion dollars on the distribution as well.

6. Spotify works remotely


People can actually control Spotify on their computer on their TV on their stereos through their smartphones this is great because you don't have to leave the sofa to change what you're listening to and you can even control it from afar users can choose to listen to Spotify on Windows Mac operating systems and Linux computers or on iOS windows and Android smartphones and tablets.

7. Spotify has audiobooks


Although a lot of people enjoy listening to audible through iTunes they don't have to because Spotify has audiobooks also they have books read by celebrities and new books as well as the classics everything from children's books to self-help books to history books about motivation and strategies so you can actually listen to your favorite books while you're driving walking or on a bus without any effort at all and without spending any extra money.

8. It finally has the Beatles


Although the Beatles weren't on Spotify for several years finally just after Christmas in 2016 the Beatles music appeared shockingly since then the Beatles music has been played 260 million times on Spotify although many would think that the people listening to the band were born in the 40s 50s and 60s many of the listeners are Millennials the sound is universal

9. Spotify is a global leader


It began in just 2006 and is already possibly going to have a thirteen billion dollar US market listing in 2018 it has reportedly over 60 million subscribers and over 140 million users total a whopping 30 million songs are available on Spotify so anyone worldwide can find what they're looking for.

10. It may have to compete with Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a multi-billionaire luxury car manufacturer who's talking about starting up his own version of Spotify he states that it'll be a little bit different from Spotify and be a bit more like Pandora and be paired with Tesla...Tesla interestingly sold roughly 100,000 cars last year and has roughly 400,000 pre-orders it's a new vehicle.

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