Canon cameras Success story | Canon facts

Canon cameras Success story | Canon facts

Canon cameras Success story | Canon facts

Canon first founded in Japan in 1933 Canon is now ranked as one of the leading manufacturers of many high-end products worldwide with a market cap of 34 billion and a share price of $34 per share right now Canon is probably the most famous brand in the photography industry not only taking their place as one of the top camera manufacturers globally Canon has worked in the technological and medical field where they have produced technology for products such as LCD TVs as well as medical advancements over time this company has grown from a small idea into one of the largest most influential brands known worldwide today it's not just concerned with technology but also with the environment and giving back in the form of charitable donations.

1. Canon originally was known by a different name

When Canon was founded in Japan shortly before the Second World War it was originally coined as the precision optical industry co limited by two businessmen wanting to bring a Japanese camera into the European dominated market it wasn't until much later closer to 1950 that the developers felt the name should sound more American hoping to make the leap into the global market thus they rebranded the company as canon.

2. The first prototype was named after a "Buddhist god"

Shortly after the company's inception canon produced a camera prototype to show their products named Kuantan after the "Buddhist god" of mercy this prototype is still the original canon camera the inspiration for the first cameras logo also came from the God and image of Kuantan sitting on a lotus petal engraved into the top of the plate of the camera.

3. Nikon and Canon originally worked together

After the founding of the precision optical instruments laboratory the two founders of the company could make a pro-type of their camera body Sequani however when it came to making the lens the two men were at a loss for what to do in their quest the two broadened developers from the Nippon Kohaku Cognos Japan obstacle industries which later was renamed as Nikon to develop a lens for their camera this partnership went on until 1948 when Kuantan then changed to Canon developed their own interchangeable lens for use with their cameras.

4. Canon takes its corporate philosophy seriously

According to the website the general corporate philosophy of Canon is chaos a which literally translated means living and working together for the common good Canon takes this philosophy seriously bringing it to the forefront of their business model in multiple ways not only does the company work to bring their products to the world but they also work through their charitable organization to contribute in new different ways.

5. The most expensive Canon camera sold was for $45,000

In 2006 Canon released a special edition diamond-studded point-and-shoot named the XS 10 it was embedded with 380 diamonds and auctioned off for charity that might not sound as much compared to the most expensive camera ever sold which fetched a little under $2 million the most expensive Canon camera you can actually pick off the shelves today is the Canon eos-1d x mark - that goes for $6,000.

6. The camera was the brainchild of a movie camera repairman

The original founder of Canon had a simple wish to bring European style cameras to Japan after realizing how expensive the most popular camera of the time the Leica was though he took it apart from hoping to figure out how it worked when the camera was disassembled he expressed his annoyance that the simplest parts made up the price of the camera 20 years later his team was back at work this time hoping to differentiate themselves from other products on the market by trying to make their camera and everyman camera consumer-driven cameras marketed towards non-professional photographers in 1961 the new Canon X was released in Japan such a stir that the entire inventory was sold out in just two hours years later cannon again tried to better their products by offering the cannon Demi a single framed camera that was lightweight and compact making it easier to move and to store.

7. Cannon has won an Academy Award

When it was first born in the early 1930s what we know as the Academy Awards was started to recognize the significant technical products that will improve both film production and exhibition forty years later after Cannon had developed a macro zoom lens made for 35-millimeter film making it was rewarded with an Academy Award for its efforts only four years later cannon again won the award for speed motion picture land putting it into the same class as IMAX for its development of a format that supported the wide-angle film and avid which invented a revolutionary non-linear editing platform.

8. Cannon is hoping to reduce their ecological footprint

In 2007 canon was announced as the top company in terms of being climate-friendly following the company's philosophy Canon prides itself on creating ecologically friendly technology they also work to reduce the impact that both their products and company have on the environment the company also takes steps to keep their carbon footprints to a minimum making sure to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

9. Cameras do not bring the most profit to the company the popular

The misconception of Canon is that they only deal with cameras and products in the same vein however despite this misconception Canon carries a wide variety of products including those for the office as well as some made for the medical field in 2007 the last reported revenue year available only 26% of their revenue was brought in from camera sales interestingly though roughly 60 percent of revenue reported was brought in by office equipment including those in both the office and medical field.

10. Steve Jobs wanted Apple to acquire Canon

Back in 2010 a year before the world, unfortunately, lost to you he made quite an interesting statement that "We strongly believe that one or more very strategic opportunities may come along that we can take that was in a unique position to take advantage of because of our strong cash position" internal rumors and Apple suggested that they might acquire cannon the photo company's stock went up but the deal never went through.

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