What is the future of batteries? | battery facts

What is the future of batteries? | battery facts

What is the future of batteries? | battery facts

The battery industry is big and way more interesting than you'd ever think our world is pretty much fueled by batteries of all kinds even our bodies have some sort of battery that needs to be charged on daily basis batteries are a very old invention sometime in the 18th century and since then a lot of improvements have led to the tiny powerful energy banks that we can't live without from smartphones to toys, medical equipment, installations or electric cars batteries are vital and they make up a very prosperous industry with an even more prosperous future.

1. Over 350 million batteries are sold every year in the USA alone

The battery industry is really big the tiny little energy bombs are used by almost every person everywhere in the US alone over 350 million batteries are sold every year and over 3 billion batteries are thrown out as our society evolves the need for more powerful and longer-lasting batteries is arising although they are not 100% environmentally friendly the waste they produce can be managed with a smartphone and electric car industries growing there's a greater need for batteries.

2. China is leading the battery industry

Although Europe gave the world some of the best cars in the world they are failing to secure their future as far as electric cars go China a powerful economic country is leading the electric industry including the one powered by batteries in the future European and American car manufacturers might be moving their factories to China because it's easier to produce electric cars in that country since it provides the batteries "Tesla" announced that they'll be building a factory in Shanghai that will produce over 500,000 electric cars five times more than their factory located in the US.

3. The automotive battery is a 240 billion dollar industry in the making

Currently, the automotive industry and electric cars are the ones that will propel the battery industry to the roof Panasonic and Samsung are the biggest Asian names in the industry along with another 140 only in China the way trends are forecasted the automotive industry with electric cars powered by batteries will be a $240 billion industry in the next twenty years or even earlier and as we mentioned before "if Europe and the US don't catch up China will take the entire pie a pie that's worth a lot of money".

4. There's an app that lets you spend your last battery minutes in a chat room


Since probably everyone has a smartphone by now you've all experienced the low battery situation at least a couple of times per month next time when you're faced with less than 5% battery life on your smartphone remember you can spend your last minutes in a chat room with others like you the app die with me is specifically designed for people that have 5% or less battery once you're in and you plug in your phone to a charger that will give you more than 5% you've immediately kicked out this experience is only for those who want to spend those precious minutes talking and stressing out they even plan to release a book featuring the room's conversations.

5. The global lithium-ion battery industry will reach $140 billion by 2026

There are more types of batteries on the market today the industry has evolved a lot since its first days but lithium-ion batteries are now the most used and well known worldwide the booming demand for more batteries will push this industry up to the 140 billion dollar mark by 2026 lithium-ion batteries are used in the medical field in energy storage systems automotive or consumer electronic purposes these types of batteries are now the most reliable alternative until something better comes our way.

6. Samsung's Note 7 battery explosion scandal cost them $5.3billion in losses

One of the biggest battery scandals of the last decade was the Samsung Note seven battery explosions that raised a lot of concerns over the safety of smartphones some of the phone's exploded and some caught fire forcing Samsung to recall over 2 million devices this scandal sparked a lot of fear among Samsung clients that returned their phones after hearing about the explosions the entire scandal caused Samsung over $5.3 billion in losses and pushback from consumers worldwide a situation their competitors Apple and Huawei took advantage of.

7. This industry also uses child labor and extreme work conditions

Like any worldwide industry batteries have a dark secret to exploitative and child labor to keep costs at a minimum and to be closer to the mines according to an amnesty study some manufacturers use child and hazardous work conditions especially in the cobalt mines in light of this Tesla announced they will vet their providers and other companies such as Apple listed their suppliers for consumers to see "this shows that unfortunately even electric cars are not 100% clean or sustainable".

8. Counterfeit batteries can damage your products or risk your life

Counterfeiting is not just a problem in fashion and design brands anything could be hacked and reproduced at a much lower quality and if you didn't know it was a fake product it could damage your possessions and even yourself batteries are used for medical or military purposes and if they're fake they can seriously hurt or even kill people fake batteries can also kill your expensive electronics such as laptops or smartphones "always buy original or trustworthy batteries because in the end no matter what you'll be paying for the price of your decisions". 

9.  NASA uses batteries to charge in space

I bet you probably didn't think about this one how does NASA power their spaceships in space they use lithium-ion rechargeable batteries of course and solar panels however the only problem with batteries is they behave differently in space because the environment is different to prevent battery explosions NASA has a special protocol and safety measures to prevent them because the space capsules are oxygen-rich environments they pack and set the batteries in a certain way so if something ever happens the damage will be critical not catastrophic leave it to NASA to be extra secure and as safe as possible

10. Tesla built the world's largest battery in Australia

The Elan musk will be remembered as one of the greatest minds that ever existed he's always ahead of the game and as far as technology goes he's a pioneer he achieved great success with Tesla and SpaceX and it keeps on breaking World Records last year he built with Tesla the largest battery in the world to help Australia's energy crisis the battery will help over 1.7 million people in South Australia where power shortages often occur the entire project is estimated to be around $66 million and is already making more money than what's expected.

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