Oneplus Noad : Name conformed Release date, rumours, specs and leaks

Oneplus Noad:  Name confirmed Release date, rumors, specs and leaks

The oneplus Nord is finally here and I'll be sharing the details right after this. So this week we've had some shocking news about the upcoming oneplus Nord or oneplus Z as it may be called and it turns out we've been wrong about a lot we've had confirmation of its name news that it's gonna have six cameras in total and the phone is finally being revealed before we get started though please like the video if you're a fan of oneplus and let me know in the comments.

Name Conformed

If you're gonna be purchasing the oneplus Nord or another phone altogether so last time I told you guys about an oneplus Instagram about the new upcoming at oneplus Nord the Instagram is called oneplus Z light and it may be the source of a lot of new information they've posted a tweet that says crack the code which is a series of numbers it needs are clearly coordinates when looking at Google Maps it's somewhere in China but no one knows what it means my thinking is that this is probably the location at where they'll be holding the online-only launch event we also have a meme posted from them that suggests the Instagram is going to be better than athletes and it's accompanied by the text the other guys are really good but we think we can do better stay tuned to see what's coming next hashtag at new beginnings finally they've posted a four-part video discussing the oneplus Node.

The new beginnings launch event while we were previously unsure of the name it turns out it may be the oneplus Nord and not the oneplus Z the Instagram account for oneplus actually messed up or maybe they were just trolling us but they posted a picture and if we zoom in carefully we can see it refers to the oneplus Nord the Instagram account actually deleted this picture pretty quickly so it was either a genuine mistake or they're trying to throw us off track we also had a shocking new discovery the oneplus Nord it may have two cameras on the front and this will be a dual punch hole camera the report came from Android Central who said that an Insider has advised them that the oneplus Nord is coming with the 32 megapixels and an 8-megapixel dual camera setup on the front the 32 megapixel is, of course, the primary and the 8 megapixels is gonna be a wide-angle lens.


They also stated their wallet is counter to everything we've been told so far they've apparently seen the final version themselves and would not have written the post otherwise (Max J) also tweeted since then to say he's had the same information and been sitting on it for a while max D was also asked further down in the thread if we had four or two lenses of the back of the oneplus Nord he confirmed it that we're gonna have four lenses on the back and that means if he's right we're gonna have six cameras in total on the new oneplus Nord we've also had a daily count down from the oneplus naught instagram and this tells us that the official launch event is tomorrow the countdown was continued in today's was even titled to see something new tomorrow if all of the latest news is true about the oneplus Nord and it means oneplus have successfully fooled all of the leakers and consumers and for once a smartphone company has managed to keep a very good secret given that we had so many leaks early on for the oneplus Nord.

We even had hands-on videos it's crazy to think that this could have just been a prototype that's not a final design and it's never gonna make it to consumers it appears that the rest of the old information was still correct though apart from the cameras and the punch hole to the chipset and the display are going to be exactly what we expected of course that this new information could just as easily be false but it does appear that it's more likely to be true with the launch tomorrow it's only 24 hours until we find out for sure but I thought it would be interesting if we take a look back at what we previously thought when it was called the oneplus Z and see how different it is tomorrow and how wrong we were when it came to the oneplus Z leaks.


We already have plenty of details on design specs launch dating cost and we even had hands-on video footage so we're gonna run through all of it now as we covered the Oneplus Z has a full-screen display with a punch-hole selfie camera-top center the display is reportedly gonna be a six-point four-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2340 by 1080 which gives us 403 pixels per inch we already know that this is also gonna be at least a 90 Hertz display considering oneplus officially said that all future models would be rumors are saying that it could be a hundred and twenty Hertz but there appear to be untrue the display will, of course, be protected by Gorilla Glass but at this moment in time we don't know what version there's gonna be no fingerprint scanner on the rear of the oneplus Z so it's pretty safe to assume it that we're gonna get the in-display fingerprint scanner.


When it comes to the selfie camera on the front there are many different rumors floating around but many agree that it's gonna be a 12 megapixel sensor when it comes to the rear of the oneplus z we've got a vertical camera alignment and in dual camera setup with the LED flash early leaks were suggesting that it could be a triple camera setup but these also turned out to be false as we covered earlier the lack of a physical fingerprint scanner on the back means we'll be getting an in display one when it comes to the rear cameras reports are suggesting that the primary camera is going to be a 48 megapixel sensor the secondary it will be a 16 megapixel ultra wide and of course we get the LED flash on the bottom the oneplus Z cameras are gonna support both optical and electronic image stabilisation we've got the power button and alert slider on the right-hand side of the oneplus Z with the volume buttons on the left the phone is of course powered by USB type-c and there's no three and a half mil headphone jack many people early on reported that the oneplus was going to be powered up by media text I meant to t1000 but it's just not going to be the case 


The oneplus Z is gonna be powered by the Snapdragon 765G and the smartphone is gonna come up with a choice of 128 or 256 storage and also 8 or 12 GB of ram the use of the Snapdragon 765G also means that this phone will have 5g support and for those that aren't concerned with 5g it will, of course, support earlier LTE networks and below the phone dimensions measuring at 159 points two by seventy-four by 8.6mm and it's all going to be powered by a 4000 MAH battery was support for 30 watts fast charging.


When it comes to the pricing it's still very much unknown at the moment but it will of course have to be lower than the eight many were estimating that the range was going to start around four hundred and fifty dollars but I think it could actually be lower the four hundred and fifty dollar leak came out very early on and the market has changed a lot since that time with the iPhone se at four hundred in the pixel for a expected to be 350 it is creating some very fist competition in the mid-range market so if oneplus want to compete here then they're gonna have to do the same overall though it's looking like a great phone at that's offering a lot for the price and it's nice to see oneplus going back to what they   know best for those of you that want to purchase one though it's being launched next month in July we don't know exactly what date yet but max J has hinted at July and he has been fairly reliable when it comes to the oneplus information now unfortunately that's all the news I have for you guys today but as more solid information comes in I'll be sharing it straight away as always though I'd like to know your thoughts in the comments who are there is waiting for the oneplus Nord and what leaks do you think you're correct. 

So, guys, I meet you with my next blog and you have any suggestions for me tell on the comment section.

Thank you very much for giving me your important time 


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