Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Release date, rumours, specs and leaks

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Release date, rumours, specs and leaks

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series

Samsung's two phones that are awaited by almost all people every year, the first of which was the S series, which is currently the S20 Ultra, S20, S20,  ie the first flagship phones came from Samsung, after which the next The thing that happens is everyone is waiting for the Galaxy Note series i.e. the Note series and now you will get to see the Galaxy Note 20 series and if you are going to see multiple phones in the Note 20 series, then peel the talk You can find phones and what you can see in them.

So, first of all, let's talk about the Galaxy Note 20, that is, there will be two phones in the Note 20 series and this time there will be Note 20, Note 20 Plus not Mothe 20 Ultra Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, no plus version will come once. is.


Display with this, the display that will be there will be in Note 20, it will have a display of 6.7 inches and the display of 6.9 inches will be in the Note 20 Ultra because why it is ultra, then obviously the size will be big but this time it is to notice that In Note 20 Ultra and Note 20, you will get to see flat-screen Curved OLED display which will not be seen, Samsung is going to break it and will live on the flat screen. Talk about the resolution of the display will obviously be Quad HD + but in Note 20 The Note 20 Ultra will support 120Hz at 120Hz and will also have the feature to support the display of QUAD HD + 120Hz, but it is a runs that FULLHD + runs 120HZ in S20 Ultra or 60Hz ie QUADHD resolution or both. Is bringing QUADHD + at 120HZ, so this is a good thing and this time you have not done a special LTPO OLED display, that is, you can understand that this time the quality of OLED is all ready to be very good. Ne is obviously the best AMOLED display in the world, it becomes Samsung Is and will be the best quality display, not that you are going to see inside the Samsung Note series, then leave worrying about the display, you will get to see the best-looking display in the Samsung Note 20 series.


But after talking about the same thing, Processor has obviably revealed that the Snapdragon 865+ is going to be launched very soon and when the Snapdragon 865+ will be available, it will be seen but which will be seen within the Note 20 series but The phone that will not be released in this, it is going to change the story broken in India, you have a Chipset of Exynos, which is an overclocked version of the old Exynos 990 which you got to see in the S20 series. It is like Snapdragon 865+, so you can keep this thing and some cabarets are also telling that the entry of 5G phones has started in All Ready India, so Samsung can also debut inside 5G phones. And within the Note 20 series, if you want to see 5G support India phones, then it is a good thing and the other thing is that all the phones of Samsung are there and not the flagship phones including the manufacturer in India, the series will not come in India either. The hallmark will be to sell in India and also be exported outside India as Samsung's products. The world's largest mobile phone manufacturing facility in India, it is an interesting thing and if seen, the manufacturer in India is going to see smartphones in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series.


With this, both phones will do the same thing, you will see the IP68 rating, there will be a glass design, at the back you will see BLACK, copper, and gold color. Talking about the details, here you will get a 12MP main sensor, 12 MP to see an ultra-wide lens and a 13MP telephoto zoom lens, it will be seen in Note 20, because of the Note 20 triple camera setup. Will see If we talk about the Note 20 Ultra, then the quad-camera will be seen in it, and the 108 MP was found to be seen in the S20 Ultra and Syed is going to come back here. Will be seen and the small problems that remain inside it are not going to solve all the other things and the quality of the camera will be better than before, along with 12 MP ultra-wide-angle lens, 13 MP periscope zoom will be seen. Lens will be seen in which 5x optical zoom will be seen in 50x digital zoom, with which the TOF is going to be seen.


Talking about the battery, you will see 4300Mah battery, you will get Note 20 Ultra in Note 20, there will be 4500Mah battery, the fast charging of 25 Watt will be supported by both phones and the charger which will come in the box with 25 Watt Fast wireless charging and reverse charging are also going to be seen and the messily highlighting feature of this phone will be the Spen will be very much improved this time and software is optimized in such a way that you get to see a lot of rainy features and smoothness and with the update of OneUi 3.0 it can be seen that some leaks are also telling it. The note that can be made with the Note 20 series.


If you talk about the press, then the juice can be 60000 plus, you can society, the price of Note 20 will be more than the price of Note 20 Ultra will be broken by Note 20, the juice can be 75000 plus.


With this, it is revealed that its launch is going to be on 5 August and along with this launch is Samsung is it can launch edition of flip which can be seen with Syed Snapdragon 865, but how can you comment on the Note 20 series, you can tell me by the comment section.

So, guys, I meet you with my next blog and you have any suggestions for me tell on the comment section.

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