How Google Android is big | Android facts

How Google Android is big | Android facts

Android OS is used in more than 90% of the world's phones, but there are some interesting facts and things about it that would not be known to you.

1. Android made for digital Cameras

Like when Android was first made, it was made for digital cameras, not mobile phones.

2. World's First Android Phone

'HTC DREAM G1' the prototype of the world's first Android phone was quite similar to the BlackBerry phones of the time.

3. Microsoft earns also by Android

And you will know that Google earns a lot of money from Android, but do you know that Microsoft, which also earns 2 billion dollars every year from Android, actually Google used some such technology in Android, Whose Patent is possessed by Microsoft and earns 2 billion dollars every year from this patent's royalty.

4.Android Statues

And you may be aware that Google has its headquarters in the US and all the Android versions inside its headquarters are covered with real statues.

5.Selling of Android Devices

And do you know that recently, Android devices sold in the world are not sold as many Windows, iOS, macOS have been combined as these, and many more Android devices are sold.

6.Secret Android Game

And there will be some of you who may not even know that all the Android versions are there, there is an easter egg inside them, that is if you go to the section about any Android phone and there are versions of Android When you tap a few times, you get to see a secret easter egg on it.

7.Android Versions

And you will know that Android is what it was in 2008, but by 2018, Google has released 24 versions of Android so far. This means that more than one version is released in a year. There are differences in key points and they are not named exactly, but all these variants are upgraded more than before.

8. Microsoft Partnership

And do you know that Microsoft is a partnership with 6 Android companies, so when they sell their phones in 25 countries, then they install Microsoft's apps in it like Microsoft's Edge browser, Microsoft Office, etc? So whenever you get a new phone and inside it, you will get to see the apps of Microsoft, that the company and Microsoft company have a partnership.

9.Android Logo Name

And do you know that the Android logo which is actually not called Android? It is unofficially called bug droid.

10.  Android 3.0 Honeycomb

And in 2011, when the first Android 3.0 honeycomb was shown, the Motorola Zoom came with it i.e. the Motorola Zoom was a special tablet for which Android 3.0 Honeycomb was made and it is the only version of Android that ever phones. Not to be released, it was made only for Android Bassed Tablets.

11. Nasa Use Nexus X in Satellite

And do you know that NASA also used Android phones? Actually, NASA used 2 Nexus S handsets which were running on Android Android Gingerbread and it was used in a satellite that is still moving around Earth.

12. First Android Website

And if you do not know that the first website in the world which was based on Android was Fan Droid and it also came into existence on the day when Google released its Android in 2007 and in the same way the puzzle of the world dedicated Android Website was created.

    13. Android Use in Many Things

And what do you people think that this Android which is Google only works in tablets and mobile phones, then it is used differently in watches in Google Glass-like Android Wear in Android Auto and recently Google is A Fuchsia OS is being made that if you see it in the IoT based devices, then you are going to see Android in the future.

14. Android is Open Source

And if we talk about Android, then it is completely Opensorce dew from Google and if seen, Google makes money by just installing its apps in it, that is, whenever a phone maker is inside its phone If you install Google's apps, then some of its fees go to Google and it is also a Bada region that it was made that a total of 5 billion dollars was fined over Google so that all the phones were being made in Europe. The Google phone that was in it was pushing the entire phone company to install Google's apps in their phones, and the European Commission did not like it and put $ 5 billion in finances on Google. Don't forget to comment on facts about Android and what you liked which fact.

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