5 Best Microsoft Office Alternatives of 2023 : Free, Offline & Online

The popular Microsoft Office suite is part of Microsoft 365 comes with a hefty price tag, thankfully there are many free alternatives with similar features drew place Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. In the article, we'll count down the 5 best Microsoft office alternatives of 2022: free, offline & online giving you a brief description of each followed by screenshots of what's included in their office suites to help you find the best one for you.


5 Best Microsoft Office Alternatives of 2022: Free, Offline & Online

5. Free Office 

Initially released in 1994 it's a less featured version of their commercial office suite with most of the key features most people would ever need. Its compatibility with the popular Microsoft Office formats is very good with only the occasional minor issue here and there. 

Depending on whether you prefer the newer ribbon-style at the top similar to Microsoft Office or the classic menus and toolbars the user interface can be easily switched to what best suits your needs, and it's also been optimized with support for touch screens with larger icons and increased spacing. Text makers their free alternative to Microsoft word, plan maker is a substitute for excel, and similar to PowerPoint they call their presentations.

Word as Text Maker

Exel as Plan Maker

Powerpoint as Presentation

The free office is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

4. Onlyoffice 

While they do have enterprise editions that can be quite expensive their free desktop edition is open source with the source code available on GitHub. Just like most in this article only office has strong compatibility with Microsoft Office formats but does have some minor issues with images. 

Its tab-based interface allows you to work on multiple files within the same window. If working with others on the same project is important to you their collaboration feature lets you co-edit, comment, review, and interact using chat in real-time. They also have third-party plug-in support that will let you install plug-ins to enhance its functionality.

The only office is available for both windows and mac os and you can also install it on the various distros of Linux with some having it already pre-installed.

its's alternatives that closely resemble word, excel, and PowerPoint is called document, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Word as Documents

Excel as Spreadsheet

Powerpoint as presentations

If you'd prefer to use only office in your favorite web browser without having to install any software they also have an online version called Only office personal.

3. WPS Office 

I've been called out for being a Microsoft Office clone. WPS has a user interface that has the same look and feels as Microsoft office with the absolute best compatibility of any office suite in this article. At this time there are more than 100,000 templates for you to choose from some of which are free and others only available if you upgrade to their premium product.

There are a couple downside to WPS keeping it out of our top two spots first of all it's ad-supported and second, it's developed by a Chinese software developer which raises privacy concerns and ethical issues for many people but if you don't mind the ads and have no problems using closed sourced Chinese software. Also, its's alternatives that closely resemble word, excel, and PowerPoint is called writer, spreadsheets, and presentations, along with a built-in pdf viewer.

Word as Writer

Excel as Spreadsheet

Powerpoint as Presentations

It's available for download on windows mac and Linux

2. Google Suite

In the runner-up spot is the free online office suite from google which includes word, excel, and PowerPoint alternatives they call docs, sheets, and slides. With all three of their Microsoft Office counterparts, they have excellent compatibility and can be easily converted to google's file formats and vice versa.

To make things easier you'll find a good variety of pre-made templates for resumes, letters, those used for work, and a whole lot more. To help enhance your productivity you'll also find useful add-ons for every product in their office suite to improve the functionality.

Word as Docs

Excel as Sheets

Powerpoint as Slides

You use it for free and if you do not mind being the product all you need is a google account. It can be accessed from any computer in your favorite browser and has excellent cross-platform support with mobile apps for both ios and android.

5. LibreOffice

In the top spot coming in at number one libra office is still the best free alternative to Microsoft office. This fully-featured office suite is open source and truly free software which means you have no financial cost to use it and you are not the product with your data being used, collected, or sold to other companies for financial gain.

Six programs are included with LibreOffice writer, calc, and impress other alternatives to word, excel, and PowerPoint. The draw is for vector graphics and flowcharts, the basis used for databases, and math is for formula editing.

Its compatibility with Microsoft office has improved quite a bit over the years and to get even more features extensions can be installed and has a wide variety of templates.

Word as Writer

Excel as Calc

Powerpoint as Impress

LibreOffice is available for windows mac and Linux

If this article helped you to find a free alternative to Microsoft office shares it with others.

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