Top 10 Free Android Gallery Apps (Without Ads & incl Editor) 2021

Now, cameras are all the rage these days and smartphones. But just having a good camera in itself isn't gonna be enough. You also need a good gallery up to browse through all the hundreds and thousands of photographs you'll be clicking every day.

Today. I'll show you my list of the top 10 best free gallery apps (without ads & includes Editor) for android in 2021, which will help you organize your images in simple and productive manners while also enabling you to view them easily.

Focus Go - Best Galley App

So the first half here is super basic and honestly speaking, that's a very good thing. So it's called focus go and weighs in at just 1.5 MB. The app is super simple and works as a basic gallery app. No one necessary animations, no load times, and no ads. If you're looking for a simple bare-bones gallery up, this is gonna be just perfect.

Best Features of focus Go gallery App

  • Smooth Animations
  • Gesture Support
  • Minimal UI
  • Without Ads
  • And More

Piktrues - Best Galley App

Now if you want something a little more feature-rich, then go for pictures. So it offers a Clean Material UI to browse through albums while also offering some pretty interesting features. 

The photo editor works great, and it even allows you to change the image size and remove its location while sharing. Add to that. The option to share files via wifi and you have them in your hands. The perfect gallery app

Best Features of piktures gallery App

  • Advanced Photo Editor
  • Cloud Access
  • Wi-fi Direct Transfer Options
  • Without Ads
  • And More

F Stops - Best Galley App

So albums are one thing. But don't you think there was a better way to sort out your photographs. Well, that's where the F stop gallery app comes in. So apart from the usual gallery features that it offers F stop gallery app also comes with a unique tool that allows you to sort and search images based on their metadata.

As such you can either search from the saved data or even add tags of your own. Or better yet you can choose to search through images using a map interface based on the location.

It's pretty cool. And to be honest the free version works just as good as you would expect. That said there's also paid version that unlocks more features such as adding extra tags. So that is something that you might want to invest in if you like the free version.

Best Features of f stop gallery App

  • Material Design
  • Tags Support
  • Read metadata directly from your images (EXIF, XMP, IPTC)
  • Without Ads
  • And more


Camera Roll - Best Galley App

Now why we're on the topic of data. Another app that I really love is Came roll. Now it's a super simple gallery up much like focus goes, but with one serious tool up its sleeve. So not only does it allow you to view your exact data, you can even modify it if you like.

Okay, so while we are still on the topic of viewing and modifying data, how about hiding it? Or more importantly, hiding your photographs? Well, that's where one gallery app truly shines. So having secure folders is nothing new but one gallery app ensures that your hidden photos stay encrypted as well.

Now that is a pretty unique feature other than that it also comes with an advanced photo editor. The animations are kind of on the heavy side but it is still a pretty good and useful gallery app.

Best Features of camera roll gallery App

  • Fast and Minimal
  • Hiden Folder
  • Easily view the folders on your storage or SD Card
  • And More


A+ Gallery - Best Galley App

So apart from offering a quite neat and beautiful interface, A+ Gallery is probably the only gallery up out there that offers full support for external SD cards. You get the same snappy seeds, excellent sorting, and whatnot.

Basically, if you're into photography, this is one app you should definitely install on your android phone.

    Best Features of A+ Gallery App

    • Automatically Organise Your Photos
    • Sync and Backup Photos
    • Cloud Access
    • Without Ads
    • And More


    Google Photos - Best Gallery App

    If you haven't use google photos before then you should definitely check it out as it packs tons of features. 

    With the will obviously be able to browse through our new images and videos but then you can also use it to take backup software on your photos to your Google account and make use of Google's AI-powered features like visual search, smart sharing, automatic albums. 

    On top of that, you also get access to Google lens which you can use to identify the text and objects in your photos which is the reason not to get the app right away.

    Best Features of google photos gallery App

    • Automatic Creations
    • Advanced Editing Suite
    • Google Lens
    • Without Ads
    • And More


    Slide box - Photo Organizer 

    If you're looking for a more modern design app that lets you organize your images look no further than slide box. With a slide box, you can manage your pictures using gestures, swipe up if you want to remove unnecessary pictures or pick an album to organize files. 

    The app considerably improves gesture swiping, allowing you to compare original, similar, photos, and duplicates. The albums are displayed at the bottom so you can select the one to manage your pictures. You can easily import, I'll go from your gallery or create a new one right inside the app.

    Best Features of google photos gallery App

    • Delete Unwanted Photos
    • Sort Photos in Albums
    • Compare Similar Photos
    • Without Ads
    • And More


    Simple Gallery - Photo and Video Manager

    Now, if simplicity is all that you guys are after look no further than the simple gallery. The simple gallery has a minimalist design and set of features, but it also offers all the necessary functionality required from the best android photo gallery application.

    Using this app, you can easily browse your files, and filter them, or customize the date, size, name, etc. Also, you can apply various things to enjoy different designs too.

    Best Features of simple gallery App

    • Advanced Photo Editor
    • Private Photo, Video & File Protection
    • Tons of File Format Support
    • Without Ads
    • And More


    1 Gallery - Best Photo Gallery and Vault

    If you want a gallery app that lets you basically hide all your photos then look no further than one gallery. Having secure photos is nothing new but one gallery ensures that your trading photos stay encrypted as well. That is a pretty unique feature.

    Other than that it also comes with an advanced photo editor, the animations are kind of on the heavy side, but it's still a pretty good and useful gallery app.

    Best Features of simple gallery App

    • End to End Encrypted
    • SD card Supported
    • Light and Dark Theme Support
    • Without Ads
    • And More

    Also, if you're using a gallery app, that you feel should have made this list sound off in the comments below and try it out.

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