How to Download Whatsapp Status video/photos of others in gallery without any app

So in the year of 2017 WhatsApp introduced its WhatsApp Status feature. It is a very simple and easy way by which people can share their thoughts, photos, videos, text, updates. It is similar to Facebook and Instagram stories, and it also disappears like them in 24 hours.

Very often it happens that we like the WhatsApp status of a friend or relative, and we have to text or call them. Instead of texting or calling them for their WhatsApp status, you can download their WhatsApp status in just a jiffy.

Here's how you can download WhatsApp status Photos & Videos in just a sec. Follow these simple steps.

Method 1: Download Whatsapp Status Photos & Videos via File Manager

1: You only need to Download Google Files on your android smartphone. Or this app may already be installed on your phone

2: Tap on the icon at the top left corner of the app

3: Go to 'Settings' and turn on 'show hidden files

4: Open your Phone's Default File Manager app

5: Go to Internal storage>WhatsApp>Media>Statuses

6: Here you can see all the status which you have seen on your WhatsApp.

7: Press for a second on that status that you want to download in your gallery, and choose a location wherever you want to save it. For example DCIM, camera, documents, downloads, etc.

Method 2: Via Downloading Status Saver app from Play store 

1. Open the App

2. Select the status that you want to save

3. And Tap On Go

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