10+best Super Secret Apps that are not available on Google Play 2022

So finding out good applications that are not on the play store but are still worth downloading, seems to be a pretty difficult task and in this article, we're talking about the 10+super best secret android apps that are not on the google play store but you should definitely try them out because they enhance your experience of android some way or the other.

Why these apps are not available on the Google play store?

Now 99% of those apps are downloadable via the google play store and that's often the preference because it's a safe and reliable method of ensuring that the apps that you're downloading are not going to harm your phone.

But for those with any experience in sideloading applications which is probably a lot of us you'll know that some of the actual best apps are not available on the play store at all and it's not actually because they're dangerous or unsafe for your phone it's only because google doesn't like the functionality that they offer.

Aurora Store

Basically, this is a free open source client for the google play store. Now, why would you use something like this over the google play store?

Well, number one it looks really good you won't feel like you're using some third-party not-good-looking app UI. Number two there's an anonymous mode which means you can log in and download apps without using your personal google accounts. 

And the most important feature is spoofing this allows you to spoof your device and your location allowing you to download apps restricted just to certain phone models as well as apps restricted in certain regions. This is really really cool and I've never seen something like this happen on any other application.

You've also got exodus privacy which basically shows you trackers hidden inside an application and a full feature download manager with parallel and sequential download support. 

All in all, if you need an alternative for the google play store this is a free application open source no ads, no security issues, pure android material design experience so definitely check it out.

Best features of Aurora Store -

  • Best Alternative of Google Play Store
  • Anonymous accounts
  • Instantly see trackers an app is hiding in its code
  • And More


Obviously standing for google camera and I already spoke about this application in my recent articles. But honestly, if you own an android device that is a non-pixel device and you're trying to improve your camera whether it is the stock camera or your general photography skills I think using a google camera is something that you guys should definitely do.

All in all, this is a great camera app that enables you to use google's software and google's optimization after you click the shutter button and get that really nice pixel look.

Best Features of Google Camera Free

  • Amazing Night Mode
  • Best for Natural Photography
  • RAW+JPG Support
  • And More

Here You Can Download GCAM for Other Android Devices


Now bromide is basically based on google chrome and an open-source client of google chrome with increased adblocking and enhanced privacy so the entire idea behind bromide is that your browsing data should be yours alone and nobody else is.

So the main goal is to provide a no clutter browsing experience without privacy-invasive features along with the addition of a fast ad-blocking engine so you will not really see a lot of ads that you would recognize if you're using a mainstream browsing application like chrome and it's also super light on your android device doesn't take up a lot of space.

    Best Features of Bromite

    • Remove click-tracking and AMP from search results
    • Always-incognito mode
    • Disable all field trials permanently
    • And More

    Private location

    This is a simple app to set your location to anywhere in the world and improve your general phone's privacy. Not only does this help other corporations and applications not really track your location and give you ads catered to that but it also helps you fake and spoof both your GPS as well as your network location on your phone.

    Now many applications on our phones won't really work without location permissions and they can make repeated and unnecessary requests in the background throughout the day, setting your location using this application to any place in the world will help you mitigate that and protect your privacy.

    You can also set up locations as in a list of favorites so you can basically jump from new york one day to India the other day, it's really cool definitely check it out.

    Best Features of Private location -

    • Option to randomize location every x minutes added
    • OpenStreetMap data attribution added
    • Widget Support
    • And More

    Pulse Music

    This is an offline music player with modern UI and powerful features. Now, this has to be one of the better offline music players I've seen, and the fact that it is so well built and I mean the UI and the way it looks the dark mode, the icons, saturation, colors, everything just looks really really good.

    Of course, it's based on material design and you have a lot of really cool features on this application, you can run it at startup, you can pair it with Bluetooth devices, you have a built-in equalizer, and of course you have your normal offline music player stuff.

    It's really cool and it's again open source because it's from f droid definitely check it out for a cool clutter clutter-free ad-free offline music player.

    Best Features of Pulse Music -

    • Multiple Now Playing screens
    • Picture in picture mode
    • Sleep Timer
    • And More

    Quick Tiles

    Now there are a lot of options that you and I would love to have on our notification tray whenever we use one of these modern devices, customization on this has increased a bit. But the amount that this application lets you add stuff to your notification tray is insane.

    You've got media control, volume panel, you can make a call, take a photo, open settings, open languages, open a VPN, force the rotation, lock the screen, the list goes on and on the application literally is a plethora of settings that you can turn on and off with the slider. 

    Once you do that you'll get the option to add them to your quick tray, and honestly,, it will just make your life that much easier.

      Best Features of Quick Tiles -

      • Screen timeout switches between 15 seconds, 30 seconds, more
      • Change the device language (see note)
      • And More


      Last but definitely not least we've got a taskbar which is a start menu that you can use to access different applications. Now as the name suggests this literally lets you have a Windows-based taskbar which will show your recently used apps, a fully working app drawer in the form of a tray that you can minimize as well as open on top of any application whenever you are.

      I think this is a much better way to increase productivity to jump between applications and overall get stuff done quicker on your phone and once again it has no ads there are a lot of customization settings as well which was really surprising.

      You can add icon packs to the recent apps as well as the applications that the taskbar shows, you can turn it on and off, there's a desktop mode and a freeform mode that you do need again ADB commands to make full use of it but honestly,, even the application directly out of the box works really well and I think this is my favorite one out of the list.

      Best Features of Taskbar -

      • Windows like Start menu
      • Recent apps tray 
      • Collapsible and hideable
      • And More

      Side apps bar

      Side apps bar is another app with other versions available on the play store but I think this one might have the nicest design once set up all you need to do is swipe in from the swipe zones on the side of your display and then a little bar of app icons and shortcuts will appear for easy access.

      There's a pretty extensive list of actions and tools you can set up to appear in this sidebar, so a pretty nifty application.

      Best Features of Taskbar -

      • Set Text Color
      • Show/Hide Application Name
      • Set Side Bar Width
      • And More

      Tap Tap

      So this app is basically designed to recreate the somewhat newish feature found on iPhones where you can double-tap the back of the phone and it activates some sort of shortcut. 

      It works in just about the same way and you can adjust the sensitivity of the function as well but the number of actions to choose from that will launch when you double-tap the back of your phone is kind of staggering and the cool thing well the app works pretty well I'm not going to say it's perfect but it's better than expected for a third party application.

      Best Features of Tap Tap -

      • Fast Response
      • Very Productive
      • And More

      Muviz Edge - Edge Lighting & Music Visualizer

      Moviz basically adds a music visualizer to your android device and in this case, it does so around the edges of your screen when you're listening to music from your favorite music apps.

      You can fiddle around with the visualizer settings to make it look as per your liking or choose it to automatically apply colors from the current album art. 

      The app also contains a responsive visualizer design pack which is crafted specifically for screen edges and can be customized to match your style. It also gave you some cool and minimal AODs.

      Best features of Moviz Edge -
      • Always On Display Support
      • Supports major Music Apps
      • Color Palette Galore
      • And More

      If you have any other recommendations for apps also not found on the play store please let us all know down in the comments below and I will definitely put it into my second article.

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