Top 10 Best free Android Keyboard Apps with Unique Design (2022)

Top 10 Best Pro Android Keyboard Apps(Free) with Tons of Features in 2021

Now when we talk about the best keyboards for your android device the highest recommended apps are obviously google keyboard or Gboard or Microsoft swiftkey but if you think that's the end of the world well think again

So in this article, I will tell you about the top 10 of the best unique looking and super productive pro android keyboard apps with tons of features in 2021 that you can use on your android phone and the best part is they're all free.

Top 10 Best Free Android Keyboard Apps with Unique Design (2022)

1. Typewise Keyboard - With Amazing Looks

Typewise is a keyboard made for two-handed usage but trust me before you think of it as a deal-breaker the features here will definitely appeal to you. You get larger keys that are easy to access and tons of actions that can be customized with the help of swipes.

You can use swipes to delete text, undo text, capitalize text, open emojis, and whatnot the app does not take any permissions so even your privacy is secured. The honeycomb layout here might seem weird at first but trust me when I say this, you spend a day with this keyboard and you won't regret it for sure.

Best Features of TypeWise Free Android Keyboard:

  • Intuitive gestures
  • Smart autocorrect
  • Tons of Languages Support
  • And More

2. Fleksy keyboard - Fastest Keyboard for Android

Next up we have the Fleksy keyboard which claims to be one of the fastest keyboards out there in the android world. Like seriously it holds a world record for its typing suite now apart from those numbers Fleksy keyboard is highly customizable it covers over 50 different variety of colorful themes, three separate customizable keyboard sizes, over 800 emojis, gifs, etc.

You can also create your keyboard shortcuts, navigate apps, right from your keyboard, copy-paste things, use extensions like gifs, hotkeys, number o, cursor control, stickers, rainbow key pops, and much more have so many things on offer.

Best Features of Fleksy Free Android Keyboard:

  • Fastest Keyboard
  • Highly Customizable
  • 4 Keyboard Sounds
  • And More

3. Grammarly Keyboard - Your Grammer Assistant

So nowadays a lot of us use our smartphones for our work needs as well you know just editing documents and spreadsheets on mobile devices and that is specifically one area where you just can't afford to make any typos well that's where Grammarly keyboard comes in.

The Grammarly keyboard helps you write mistake-free and with ease in any app that you use on your mobile device. It provides hundreds of checks and features along with seamless integration. Whether you're sending an urgent email or just making an unnecessary tweet you can be sure that your phone spelling and grammar are on point.

The Grammarly keyboard also supports swipe typing so you can compose quality writing without slowing down apart from that the keyboard also provides you with short and clear explanations for every correction that it makes so you also learn as you go.

Best Features of Grammarly Free Android Keyboard:

  • Grammar Checker 
  • Word Choice
  • Good Experience
  • And More

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4. Bobble keyboard

Now if you are interested in a fun keyboard that completely elevates your chatting experience when you're chatting with your friends bobble keyboard is something that you have to check out.

Bobble keyboard offers a funky interface combined with some really good features apart from the standard emojis and stickers the mobile keyboard also comes with big Moji, custom stickers, gifs, and much more. You can even create your own stickers inside this keyboard.

There are also additional features such as cricket scores jokes and share all inside the keyboard itself.

Best Features of Bobble Free Android Keyboard:

  • Tons of Stickers, GIFs, Emojis
  • Cool Fonts
  • Glide Typing
  • And More

5. Anysoftkeyboard

Now everyone does not want a keyboard that's super feature is right they just want a keyboard that's minimalistic, lightweight, and works fluidly and that's where anysoftkeyboard comes in.

Anysoftkeyboard is well a simple keyboard with a surprising number of customization options. Its biggest feature is multiple language support and the developer has a ton of add-ons for various languages too. 

Additionally, the keyboard comes with various themes and some extra stuff like arrows, undo, and redo, and much more, basically, it's a very simple and reliable keyboard.

Best Features of anysoftkeyboard:

  • Multi-Language
  • Voice Input Support
  • Build-in User Directory
  • And More

6. Yandex keyboard

Well if privacy is your major concern why not check out the Yandex keyboard. So in terms of features, you get everything you would want from a good keyboard gesture typing, AI correction, voice input, support for gifs and stickers, everything is here.

However the standard feature of the Yandex keyboard is that all input data is completely anonymized and won't be collected without your permission, additionally, the keyboard has a built-in interpreter and can seamlessly translate your text without having to exit the app.

Best Features of Yandex Free Android Keyboard:

  • Highly Secured
  • Smart Suggestions
  • Tons of Language Support
  • And More

7. Hackers keyboard

Just to get the basics right it looks like the normal keyboard and does not have your AI features, or stickers, and such. However, it's a full pc style you got the keyboard in the old gingerbread-style the control key, escape, alt function, and an arrow key.

This comes in super handy when you're editing documents on your mobile or more.

    Best Features of Hackers Free Android Keyboard:

    • PC Like Style
    • Minimal Look
    • Tons of Language Support
    • And More

    8. Croma keyboard

    Now there's a lightweight and fast keyboard app that adapts to the color of the app you're using.  So if you're using the Facebook app, it'll turn its color to blue-green for  WhatsApp and so on.  It's powered by a smart AI that provides you a better contextual prediction.  It also has a new and exclusive what it calls a neural action row that helps you with emojis, numbers, and punctuation suggestions. 

    And if images are not enough with the chroma keyboard, you can search and send all the GIFs.

    Two of the best features of this keyboard, which we really liked.  Our first, the one-hand mode and split layout, which helps when you're using big screen devices. And second is the night mode, which can automatically change the color tone when low light is directed.  Pretty cool, you must give this one a shot.

    Best Features of Chrmoa Free Android Keyboard:

    • RGB Keyboard
    • Adaptive Themes
    • One Hand Mode
    • And More

    9. Xploree Keyboard

    Now, this app calls itself a search and Discovery platform. It conveniently connects the user to the various services and offers in their exact moment of need.

    One could directly get access to cabs, food, news, entertainment, and more right on the keyboard app.  You also get multi-lingual typing using which you can easily type in more than 150 global languages, including 28 Indic languages

    I personally like the ai part of the keyboard most as it learns new words that you frequently use but are not part of the default dictionary and predicts them as I  type.  

    So it's like the more you use it, the better it will work for you. Next up is the grandma lee keyboard app.

    Best Features of Xploree Free Android Keyboard:

    • Tons of Languages
    • Multilingual GIFs
    • Colorful Animated Themes
    • And More

    10. Mint keyboard

    It has some fun emoji and predictive text typing along with the pretty cool light typing function which lets you easily type From a single hand.

    Apart from making you more productive by helping you just lied on the letters. It also protects you from embarrassing typos, thanks to its excellent AI feature and this works even when you are swipe typing.

      Best Features of Mint Free Android Keyboard:

      • Simple and Minimal Look
      • Tons of Bigmojis
      • Smart Quick Replies
      • And More

      Friends So, these are the five uh really cool android keyboard apps.  And as you can see a keyboard is not just for typing letters anymore.  It can do much more.+

      We would love to hear which one of these you have already tried for, which you want to try to post your comments below. Also if there's any other keyboard app that you use and would like to have featured in this list make sure to comment down below as well.

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