Free Top 10 Best Pro Video Editing Apps For Android and iOS in 2021

Free Top 10 Best Pro Video Editing Apps For Android and iOS in 2021

Now in this article, we're checking out the free top 10 of the best pro video editing apps that will really take your video editing on your android phone or iPhone to the next level.

10. Node video - Powerful Video Editor

Now node video editor is a brand new video editing application that has been on the play store for quite some time, the main point of this application is to give you a very clean as well as beautiful video editing experience with very little clutter. So this is going to be used if you want to make youtube videos and edit them from your phone. 

And honestly, the reason I really really like this application is that it has a lot of options so you can manage the timeline here, you can look at where the different photos are, where the different videos are, as well as position them over one over the other, you can also go ahead and create new media layers, create as many layers as you want, name the layers whatever you'd like them to be. 

And definitely last but not least you also have a color grading tab and while this is a pro tab meaning you will have to buy the pro version fact that you can access color grading from here and also try it out and see what you want to do with it it's really cool, you can also import a lot and honestly this is something that I've never seen before so I'm very very impressed to see this in an application.

So anytime you want a little more professional video editing I think this is the app to go for definitely check it out.

Best Features of Node node Video Editor:

  • Blend Mode
  • Motion Blur
  • Lens Flare
  • Colour Grading
  • And More

9. Action Director - Best For Short Videos Editing

Alright, guys next up we've got action director and while all of us have heard about PowerDirector this is a relatively new application. Now you can also remove the watermark whenever you want to and to do that you'll have to buy the pro version which sucks a little bit but then again this is really an app that if you are okay with the watermark it lets you do a lot of things.

So you can have a lot of actions, you can do speed ramp, and the best part about this app is that it tells you how to do what to do in case you're new to video editing, between all the clips you can obviously add from a wide variety of inbuilt transitions and you can also go ahead and select the adjustment, the effect, video smoothing, add titles, music, and all of that.

Honestly if you want to create short videos let's say for Instagram reels, for IGTV, for Tik Tok for whatever and it's not a long-format video like youtube an application like this should let you easily edit stuff like this especially if you're shooting portrait stuff.

Best Features of Action Director Video Editor:

  • Animated Stickers
  • Advanced Adjustment Tool
  • Pro Level Effects
  • And More

8. Adobe premiere Rush - Best Pro Video Editor in 2021

So this is an app that will let you edit these sorts of videos directly from your phone of course it does not have all the features that the pc version or the mac version has but.

Honestly, if you're someone who needs some really good video editing done on your phone I would highly recommend this app you don't have watermarks here there is absolutely nothing to worry about no pro version no paid ads, or anything of that sort.

You simply create a new project < start importing your footage < select different types of aspect ratios < from there you can also select the different graphics that you want to add, you can add titles, effects, and there's also a specific color section which is really important.

And while it does not have a lot of supported features like the node editor but also has some basic correction tabs like your exposure, your contrast, your highlights, shadows, and all of that that is really important even in basic stuff.

Honestly, I feel like if video editing on your phone is a must and you cannot edit on a pc or on a laptop then this is one of the apps that you should try because honestly, this is as good as it gets when it comes to video editing on your phone.

Best Features of Adobe Premiere Rush video editor:

  • Customize Audio Titles
  • Easy Editing and Video Effects
  • Up to 4K
  • Advanced Audio Tools
  • And More

7. Quick - Best Pro Video Editor in 2021

Now in case, you guys haven't tried this application out you definitely should however this is a video editing application that is not going to give you you know full video editing controls it's more for creating quick montages of clips that you may want to upload on Instagram or upload on YouTube as short montages.

So you can essentially select the number of clips that you want to edit and the application then you know gives you a lot of different templates, with different background music, and different transitions, and looks, that you can obviously dive into and configure later if you want to.

However, I think the main you know point of this application is for run-and-gun video editing for things that you can share on either tik-tok or on Instagram, it's not for you know editing your YouTube videos but nevertheless, it does what it says in a very-very cool and minimal way.

In case you don't want to edit videos fully on your phone but you still want something that will help you create cool montages right on the go.

    Best Features of Quick video editor:

    • Premium Themes
    • Tons of Filters
    • Best for Short Videos
    • And More

    6. Pixel Flow - Best Pro Video Editor in 2021

    I know most of you guys are going to be editing your YouTube videos or you know planning to start the channel and you are looking for apps that you can edit videos with your phone, well to finish up a well-rounded video you do need title effects or you know intros for your channel and what better way to edit your videos as well as create your intro straight from your phone.

    So this app called pixel flow allows you to do just that you can open up the application download it for free and then find a plethora of different templates that you can configure, change the accent colors, as well as write your own name or your channels name to create a really cool intro for your channel.

    Now yes these are not as good as intros you could create an After Effects however the fact that it works seamlessly very easily and all you have to do is select a template, modify the text, and render the video makes this one of the easiest intro creators on your phone out there.

      Best Features of Pixel Flow video editor:

      • Best For Intro Making
      • Animitad Text Templates
      • Tons of Templates
      • And More

      5. VN Video Editor - Best Pro Video Editor in 2021

      And this one is totally free and there are no watermarks. It packs in a ton of features, there's a great performance, there's a multi-track video editing, and overall is very intuitive and easy to use. 

      They make it really easy to switch between different video formats. So if you wanna start with a widescreen video and then repurpose it for say Instagram Stories, then you can easily do that here. 

      I really liked that you can save and create templates and presets while you're editing so that you can reuse those things in future videos as well. And I really liked the level of control they give you over exporting your videos as well. Just having the ability to export your video in the same format that you recorded is a big plus, but you can also customize that up if you need something more specific.

      Best Features of VN video editor:

      • Best Minimal Video Editor
      • Chroma Key
      • Tons of Features
      • And More

       4. VLLO - Best Pro Video Editor in 2021

      And this is another one that really packs a punch. Again it's got a really easy-to-use interface, probably easier to use, and more intuitive than VN Video Editor. And in terms of features and control is probably the next level up from that as well. So this one again will work on both Android and iOS. So if you are someone who has multiple devices across platforms, then you can use the same app on both. 

      Things like their adjustment layer, where you can make adjustments and add effects and things. And it's going to apply to all the clips that are underneath that adjustment layer. Now, this is something that you'd normally only see in professional-level desktop video editing software. So it's awesome that it is in an app like this too. 

      I also really liked the level of control you get over things like the color grade and color adjustments.

      Best Features of Vllo video editor:

      • Up To 4K
      • Color Grading
      • Very Minimal
      • And More

      3. Filmora Go - Best Video Editor For Beginners

      Filmora Video Editor comes with a modern, intuitive, and user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for anyone to become a great video editor. 

      FilmoraGo provides you with all the professional editing tools you need and makes it simple to use. It helps you create decent videos with a wide variety of effects. You can easily share your videos with your friends on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp right from the platform.

      Best Features of Filmora Go Video Editor:

      • Very Minimal
      • Best For Beginners
      • Tons of Features
      • And More

      2. PowerDirector - Best Pro Video Editor in 2021

      This is one of the best if not the best Android video editor out there. Now everything from adding different tracks, to multi-layer editing, transitions, background music, different layers, and all of that good stuff can be found out in this application.

      It is a hell of an app when it comes to editing videos professionally or at least having full control over the videos that you are editing on your phone itself and you can also you know export in full 1080p.

      You do need the pro version for that however the fact that there is just a very small watermark and the fact that there are a lot of different minimal transitions that you can use and also preview them before using them makes this an application that shouldn't be a difficult decision in case you want to just download a free app and start editing on your phone.

      Best Features of Power Director video editor:

      • Best Powerful Video Editor
      • Tons of Features
      • Tuns Of Effects
      • And More

      1. KineMaster - Best Pro Video Editor in 2021

      This one is probably the most advanced video editing app out there on Android right now. It's got a fairly intuitive interface, probably not as easy to navigate or as easy to get up to speed as the previous apps that we've mentioned. But this one also has the most amount of features, the most amount of pro tools in there. 

      They give you access to a lot of audio features and audio tools like EQ presets, audio ducking, key frameable audio control to really dial in your audio levels throughout your video. And there's a decent amount of control over the color and the look and feel of your video as well. 

      But I will say that I probably prefer the color adjustment tools that they have in VN Video Editor and VLLO over what they give you in KineMaster, but there's still a lot in KineMaster to help you dial in and get the look that you're after. KineMaster again works on both Android and iOS. So you can now move projects between devices as well.

      Best Features of KineMaster video editor:

      • Best Powerful Video Editor
      • Tons of Features
      • Tons of Colour Filters
      • And More

      So let me know in the comments section which app you liked the most and if you have any suggestions please drop them in the comment section.

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