Download Latest Google Camera 8.2 for Realme GT (Gcam 8.2 Mod APK)

What is Google Camera 8.2?

What is Google Camera 8.2?

Google Camera adds to the camera experience of a smartphone. It's like a free upgrade to your camera experience. So why not do it right? Hence let's talk about how to download Google Camera (Gcam) for Realme GT

Now, I tried a bunch of Google Camera versions before landing on this one. It's like a trial and error method you try this wasn't that one, this config file, that conflict file, change this setting and that, and when you finally land on the right one. 

Now, this is a perfect mod of Google Camera 8.2 for Realme GT and all three cameras are working. So the main camera, ultra-wide-angle camera, and micro-camera as well, all of them are working.

Camera Specification of the Realme GT

Camera Specification of the Realme GT

Rear Camera

64-megapixel (f/1.8)

+ 8-megapixel

(f/2.3) + 2-megapixel (f/2.4)

Rear Camera Video recording

4K@30/60fps, 1080p@30/60fps,


Front Camera

16-megapixel (f/2.5)

Front Camera Video recording

1080p@30fps, 720p@30fps

Rear Camera Modes

EIS, Nightscape, Panoramic View,

Professional, Time-lapse, Bokeh,

HDR, Ultra Wide-angle,

Ultra Macro, AI Scene Recognition,

AI Beauty, Filter,

Dazzle Color Mode, Hypertext,

Portrait Video

Nightscape Video,

Ultra Steady Video,

Video Bokeh

Selfie Camera Modes

EIS, Portrait Bokeh,

Time-lapse Video,

Panoramic View,

Beauty, HDR, Face Recognition,

Filter, Mirror Image,

Super Night Scape,

Adjustable Bokeh,

Portrait Distortion Correction

Features of Google Camera 8.2:

  • RAW support
  • Panorama 
  • –Face retouching option in portrait mode can now be a Natural or SoftFocus slider for Portrait photos, accessible from Google Photos (replaces Pop slider, which is now a Color & Pop tile in the list of filters)
  • Audio recording toggle in Panorama mode
  • Live Lens
  • H265 video recording
  • 4K@60fps
  • Motion Autofocus
  • Top Shot
  • Group Selfies
  • Macro Mode
  • Night Sight
  • HDR+
  • Photo Booth
  • Super Res Zoom

Let’s compare the images from the Google camera 8.2 and the stock camera of the application.

Daylighting Conditions

Daylighting Conditions

In terms of daylight conditions, photos from the main camera have some differences. The first difference is in terms of the dynamic range, the dynamic range is better in Google camera 8.2 images.

Google camera manages to expose the highlights and shadows in a better way as compared to the store camera application, you can clearly see that in the sample photos. 


Detail Level

Detail Level

Google Camera photos are quite more detailed as compared to the stock camera application. Now, this helps a lot if you'd like to edit the photo.

White balance

White balance

Photos from the stock camera applications of Realme GT is a little on the warmer side. On the other hand, photos from Google Camera 8.2 are almost accurate in terms of white balance. 

Now, apart from this both of these applications do a very good job in terms of the colors and saturation level, none of them are over-saturating or under-saturating the images. 

The saturation on Google camera images is a little on the lower side but you can fix that by going into the settings. This is what I like about it. You can literally control every aspect of it and it is customizable if that was the main camera. 

Ultra wide-angle camera

Ultra wide-angle camera

Ultra wide-angle photos are definitely better from Google camera, again the dynamic range is better over here. Shadows and highlights are exposed in a better way. The HDR plus enhanced more on Google camera 8.2 works really well.

The ultrawide photos from the stock camera application is a little on the software side and Google camera 8.2 captures beautiful photos.


Night Sight in Normal Mode

Night Sight in Normal Mode

Now, I can’t see a big difference in night sight on the main camera.

Google Camera 8.2 and the stock camera application is neck to neck in terms of the night more, which is a surprise for me.

Night Sight in Ultrawide angle

Stock camera application does not have a dedicated night mode in the ultrawide lens. But on the other hand, Google camera 8.2 has a nightside for the ultra-wide-angle camera as well.


Macro Mode

Macro Mode

Now with this geek import macro camera also working, you can shoot some really high-quality and good-looking macro shorts by downloading this google camera 8.2 on Realme GT. 

Video Mode

Video Mode

You can also shoot videos in 40 up to 60 fps with this Gcam 8.2. The video quality is excellent.


Selfie Camera

Selfie Camera

In terms of selfies, I definitely prefer Gcam. The stock camera selfies are overexposed and they are soft. On the other hand, Google camera 8.2 selfies are a little underexposed but they have a lot of detail in them. 

You can fix this by editing the photo in, you know, snapseed or lightroom, just you know, push the exposure slider just a little bit towards the right and you'll be good to go.

So as you saw Gcam is like a free upgrade to a smartphone's camera experience and you should install it.

How to Download Google Camera 8.2 in Realme GT?


How to install Google Camera in Realme GT?

  • Download the Google Camera APK File from the link that is mentioned above in the Download section.
  • Next, Open File Manager.
  • Browse the file you just downloaded from the link above.
  • Now, click on the Google Camera APK file and install the APK by clicking on the pop-up that comes.
  • If you are installing an APK for the first time, they will need to enable “Unknown Sources” 
  • For that, click on the pop-up that comes up and enable the toggle on.
  • Congratulations, as you just installed Google Camera on your Realme GT device.

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