10+ Best and Unique Icon Packs for Android {Sept 2021} Free + Paid

10+ Best and Unique Icon Packs for Android {Sept 2021} Free + Paid

What are Icon Packs in Android?

Android is an operating system used by many people around the world. One of the features that it has is that it allows users to customize their phones with custom icons.

Icons have a significant role in giving you the first impression of your device's user interface. Android is all about flexibility and customization.

You can choose to change the appearance of your home screen or you can completely change your phone's default icons.

Now there are tons of icon packs at the google play store and the number is increasing drastically, which poses the difficulty of selecting the right icon pack.

And that's exactly why in this article I'm going to tell you some of the best and unique icon packs for android that you should try in 2021.

1. Whicons - icon pack
Whicons - icon pack

The first icon pack recommends is Whicons simply because it is the most versatile icon pack you can get for free.  It's got more than 7,000 icons which by far is the highest I've seen in any icon pack. 

Now, icons are in the center of two kinds, some that have white strokes around them and some that are solid fill. So you get a pretty goodThe beauty of this icon pack is that except for white wallpapers.

The best part about this icon pack is this icon pack will go with almost any wallpaper whether there is abstract, real imagery, or just anything.

Best Features - 

• 7214 +icons.

• Dashboard app with icon request tool.

• Frequent updates.

• Dynamic Calendar Icon support.

• Multi launcher support.


2. Beeline - icon pack

Beeline - icon pack

Now, what I love about byline is that the colors have this basal tone which makes icons look very subtle and they're very minimal and there are more than 3,000 custom icons which I think is a pretty healthy set of icons, to begin with.

The highlight really is the colors having these icons really pregnant up until your home screen is set up as well as your app drawer.  Now there are matching wallpapers too. And that makes it very easy for you to set up your home screen with these icons. 

The best part about this icon pack is that they gel really well with both kinds of dark and light wallpaper, so you have more flexibility in the way you want to use them.

Best Features - 

• 2800+ icons.

• Frequent Updates.

• Matching Wallpaper Collection.

• Dynamic Calendar support.

• Slick Material Dashboard.


3. Creamy dark - icon pack

Creamy dark - icon pack

Creamy dark which is my latest favorite icon pack right now. It's got a very bold design, beautiful color tones that are strong and vibrant and the icons look amazing on pretty much any kind of wallpaper. 

Now the icon pack is still growing, developers are very active. It's got more than 2,300 icons that cover quite a lot of essential apps.

And hey, if you're icon is not here, you can always request developers from within the app as there is a send request option. 

But needless to say, the icons look beautiful. I absolutely am in love with the design language in here and the color combinations are super.

The best part about this icon pack is that the icons are very contrasting and as I said, they will go with any kind of wallpaper be, it's super bright, white, dark, or just pure black. 

Best Features - 

• Server Base Icon Request

• Simple and smooth wallpaper

• Custom Group, folder, drawer, and app icons.


4. Zwart Black - icon pack

Zwart Black - icon pack

So if you like the first icon pack, Whicons,  Zwart Black is the other side of it because it's all black.  It's super flexible, super versatile as it gels with pretty much any wallpaper except for black and looks even better on super white wallpapers.

The app is more than 7,000 icons and the developer keeps updating it.  So it is a superset of icons and you can be assured that it's got an icon for all your app installed. 

Very, very sharp icons and the tone of black is really good.  It's what lends itself to the maximum variety of wallpapers.

The best part about this icon pack is the wallpaper collection within the app is really trashy.  But again, just because it's a black icon pack, you can use any more people and it's going to go really well except pure black.

Best Features -

• 7214 icons

• Wallpapers

• More than 31220 apps covered

• Dynamic Calendar Icon support


5. Crayon - icon pack

The thing I love about this icon pack is just the liveliness and the playfulness it adds to your home screen setup.  It has a huge bank of more than 5,200 icons and that's a very comprehensive set. 

The developer is again very active and continues to evolve this library.  Now obviously the icons are very, very colorful but not in a shabby way. 

The best part about this icon pack is that they're very tastefully done, very classy.  The icons really brighten up your smartphone and just you know, it just looks fresh and lively.  It's also got a very beautiful set of matching wallpapers.

So you don't really have to go hunting for them. You'll find it all in here. 

Best Features -

• 5300+ ICONS.

• Frequent Updates.

• Perfect Masking system.

• Lots of alternative icons.


6. Afterglow - icon pack

Afterglow - icon pack

It's a great icon pack if you want a bright, mellow in a colorful icon pack, it will go equally well in bright or dark wallpapers though I wouldn't recommend this icon pack on super black backgrounds.

Best Features -

• Blueprint dashboard by Jahir Fiquitva

• 600 carefully handcrafted vector icons and more to come!

• 192x192px high resolution!

• Weekly updates of 20 icons!

• Support for many launchers!


7. Viral - icon pack

Viral - icon pack

This icon pack has been around for a long time and is a super dense collection of icons with more than 6,000 custom icons.

It has a vintage feel in terms of appearance which is what makes it so unique and it goes with similar ventage type wallpapers really well. 

The best part about this icon pack is that the icons are very well crafted, clear, and super sharp and as I said, It's a really good collection and will cover more than 90% of the apps that you have installed on your phone.

Best Features -

  • The beautiful cool color palette
  • Professional highest quality design
  • Dynamic calendar 
  • Android O settings shortcut styles

  • Alternate icons with new colors and styles


8. Gold leaf - icon pack

Gold leaf - icon pack

As the name suggests it's got usually high-quality gold quoted icons.

It's also got a foil-like metallic texture, which I think is very unique and stands out from any of the icon packs that are usually, recommend.

The wallpapers too are matching.  And I think we'll go extremely well with this icon pack. 

Best Features -

• 2,500+ hand-crafted gold texture Icons.

• 250+ wallpapers included.

• Analog Clock Widget

• Battery Widgets

• New icons added regularly


9. Line X icon - icon pack

Line X icon pack concluded with more than 5,000 icon packs that have a perfect masking system and cool wallpaper collection. You also get lots of alternative icons that can be applied on the home screen of your device. 

The icons are designed in a minimalistic design that has an eyecatching background. 

The best part about this icon pack is that it offers you some amazing features like a material dashboard, custom folder icons, custom outdoors icons, and category-based icons.

Best Features -

• 5000+ ICONS.

• Frequent Updates

• Perfect Masking system

• Lots of alternative icons

• Amazing Wall collection


10. Candy Cons - icon pack

Candy Cons - icon pack

Candy Cons is an animated icon pack design based on google's material design language. It supports over 1,000 icons which is an extravagant number. 

It also has a dynamic google calendar and a blueprint dashboard. Lastly, you will get multiple color variants of a single icon.


Best Features -

• 1430+ custom icons

• Color variants for system app icons

• Dark and light themed folder and dock icons

• 18+ wallpapers (with Muzei support)

• One-tap icon request

So guys these are some of the best free wallpaper apps that you should definitely give a try. Do let us know your favorite app from this list. And if you think we have missed any wallpaper app do let us know that in the comments down below.

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