10+ Best and Truly Unique & Useful Android Launcher Apps (Feb 2022)

Android and its beauty without a shadow of a doubt it has the upper hand when it comes to flexibility and customizability. Its biggest rival does not stand a chance in this one-horse race.

Fortunately, you can easily modify the interface and looks of your android device and make it suit your liking.

Probably the easiest way to do so is by installing a third-party launcher. Not only do custom launchers provide you with different looks. But they also come with a wide range of nifty customization features and options that are rarely found in stock UIs.

So in this article, I’m going to showcase the 10+ Best and extremely unique and very useful android launchers that you should definitely try

10+ Best and Truly Unique & Useful Android Launcher Apps (Feb 2022)   


Alpha launcher 


Alpha launcher

The unique feature of the alpha launcher is that it takes care of your privacy. The launcher does not save your data rather it takes permission to show your data from the internal storage.


The app has a futuristic UI home screen interface, where you have various customization options. You get appealing wallpaper and alpha DIY customization that can enhance the look of your home screen.


The launcher supports multiple icon packs and gestures that will help you to manage all of your stuff on the screen. Your apps get sorted into 16 predefined categories that will sort the app in an easily searchable form.


Why use Alpha Launcher:


·        Futuristic design


·        Customizations


·       Smooth Animations

·       Privacy


What's new in Alpha Launcher:


·        Clone Apps Support


·        Live Themes and Wallpaper


·       Add contents to home screen and dock


Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

There is no home screen replacement on android quite as popular as the nova launcher. It's a staple of customization and recently it has received its biggest update in years courtesy of the nova launcher 7.

But why is the update to nova launcher 7 such a big deal?

Well, this is easily the biggest volume of changes or alterations to the launcher since android nougat. The biggest changes to the nova launcher are undoubtedly in the way it feels.

By that, I don't mean in your own UI but there are many new settings and a good amount of these you will instantly notice if you are a veteran of the theming app.

Nova couldn't be called inhabiting or lacking in options but thanks to this complete overhaul things may get even more in-depth as future updates arrive. Things feel much smoother and sleeker than older nova bells.

I personally wouldn't say that nova felt slow or junky most of the time but things also feel a lot faster in a way that is hard to quantify, until you have tried the latest launcher for yourself.

Why use Nova Launcher:

  • Turns of Customizations
  • A minimalistic feel
  • A massive number of features

What's New in Nova Launcher:

  • Now it is much easier to find widgets within a brand new quick access window.
  • A new search section has been added with the nova launcher 7 that allows you to add or change the default search provider.
  • You can add third-party search clients such as duckduckgo or even force search of google play store directly.

Microsoft launcher

Microsoft launcher

Microsoft launcher for android offers the user an easy way to manage their stuff on their device.


Right from tailoring the calendar, to-do list, and sticky notes the android launcher app makes it more productive with Cortana, which can read unread text messages, calendar updates, and more for the user.


The digital assistant is an add-on to this app launcher for android and helps stand out among other similar android launchers.


This app is a boon for people who have a Microsoft account because the user gets direct access to documents, calendars, and other recent activities.


The Microsoft launcher app syncs all the windows devices and makes it easier for the user.



Why use Microsoft Launcher:


·        More Productive


·        Easy syncing with Microsoft apps


·        Landscape Mode


·        Minimalistic design


What's new in Microsoft Launcher:


·        Dark theme


·        Personalized news

Get it on Google Play!

Action launcher


Action launcher

Action launcher has long been a favorite android launcher of mine. It comes with a stock android feel however some

extra features add some uniqueness.


The quick theme lets you customize the color of your UI based on your wallpaper, shutters lets you check out an app widget without actually setting one on the home screen.


It even has theming and customization elements to make your phone feel like the latest android. There is also icon pack support, frequent updates, even the app drawer is configurable.


Why use Action launcher:


·        Minimalistic design


·        Stock UI feel but fully custmizeible


·        Frequent updates


·        Adaptive Icons



What's new in the Action launcher:


·        Widget stacks


·        Google discover the interpretation

Get it on Google Play!





Blloc ratio

Blloc ratio launcher is one of the recent launchers which have arrived, it has a minimalistic design with tons of customization.


The launcher is offering a new way of looking at your smartphone by giving some unique type of customization.


The best part about the launcher is that it has been designed in a way to let you know about your screen time and manage it efficiently.


Your home screen is divided into two sections giving you a more profound and subtle view of your home screen.


The first section consists of a drawer's home view where you can manage and see all your applications in an organized way.


The second section of this launcher consists of a root view where you can manage all your relevant widgets.


In terms of customization, you can change the color of your app, drag and drop a similar app in a sorted category, and manage some other stuff on your home screen.


The launcher has a simple and interactive UI  with some attractive themes make it one of the best android launchers right now.



Why use Ratio launcher:


·        Stability


·        Fully Customizable


·        Dual View Mode


·        Too Much Minimal


Lawnchair launcher


Lawnchair launcher

Launcher is an excellent android launcher for fans of minimalism. It is an open-source project that mimics much of the look and feels of the pixel launcher.


It features many similar features to the Pixel launcher along with a few others. Those features include icon pack support, google now integration, adaptive icons, and various other customizations.


The original was highly touted for its stock-like appearance plus its customization features. Lawnchair is free and open-source meaning there is no limit to the feature updates.


Why use Lawnchair launcher:


·        Adaptive Icons


·        Automatic Dark Mode


·        Notification Dots




What's New:


·        Integration with Android Recents


·        Integration with Google Feed


                  Get it on Google Play!


Hyperion launcher

Hyperion launcher

Hyperion launcher is the new kid on the android launcher block. It slots in nicely between heavier launchers like action and nova and the stock android experience of the launcher.


The UI is decidedly stock-looking without a ton of blot or flare. There are plenty of customization features though they include third-party icon support and can shape change, your theming elements, and some other neat stuff.


It supports google feed but it requires a separate download just like most other launchers. It's new but it's already slot in favorably among the best android launcher.


Why use Hyperion launcher:


·        Colour Customizations


·        Cool Animations


·        Hide Apps

·        Custom Gestures Support


          What's New:


o   Gesture action


o   Cloud Sync         


 Get it on Google Play!

Smart launcher

Smart launcher

The smart launcher has always been famous for its flower grid and dedicated app folder that is completely sorted. With the smart launcher 5, many other features have been integrated into it.


This includes adaptive icons, auto color mode, and a highly customizable app drawer.


The app drawer enhances the browsing experience and smartens both web search and the local search in the directories in the internal memory.



The premium version provides advanced gesture control and pop-ups that come with setting to modify them as per the user's need. If you like customization this could be the best android launcher for you.



Why use Smart Launcher:


·        Ambient Theme


·        Gestures and Hotkeys


·        Smart Search



What's New:


·        Ultra immersive mode


·        Automatic app sorting

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Go launcher

Go launcher

GO launcher is one of the newer android launcher apps on this list. It boasts a minimal UI, fewer than average customization, and distraction-free use.


The app intentionally omits common graphical elements like icons to minimize the experience. You can set the wallpaper and do a few customizations but that's kind of the idea.


You install, it uses it and it does not get in the way the app is newer and. The developer is still adding new features still this is one of the better minimal style launchers in recent memory.


Why use Go Launcher:


·        So much, Transition Effects and Animations


·        Hide and Lock apps


·        Landscape Mode

Get it on Google Play!


So guys these are the top 10 android launchers that you can try right now. So which of the above-mentioned launcher do you like the most.

Do you know of any other launcher that I should have added to this list do let us know your thoughts in the comments down?

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