Why do phones get slower over time? Tips to boost your phone’s speed

Why do phones get slower over time

As time goes by, there are more and more applications installed on the phone. This leads to a phone with a slower processor and shorter battery life. The hardware is no longer able to keep up with the software demands, which leads to a slower phone. 

So, here are the tips to boost your phone's speed

Why do phones get slower over time? Tips to boost your phone’s speed

1. Give your phone a restart

Give your phone a restart

Sometimes all your phone needs is a simple restart to get going again. Shutting down your phone and restarting it again will clear out the memory and get rid of distractions.

2. Update your phone

Keeping your operating system up-to-date is good for your phone because updates include the latest security patches and fixes for some common issues. A newer OS also knows how to manage the battery better, you can turn on automatic software updates in your settings this trick won't always make things better for certain phones.

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3. Free up some space

Your phone needs at least 10 percent of available storage free to be able to function correctly. You can see how much storage you have in which folders or apps are eating the most memory by using Google Files Go. Or you can use cloud storage like Google Drive, iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc, to save your extra photos, videos, music, etc. 

4. Delete Extra Apps

Delete Extra Apps

Your apps most phones come with bloatware apps that are pre-installed and useless if we're being honest, sometimes you can also install apps to get a discount at a store or just to try it out, find the list of all your apps in the settings go through them and if you see something you never use or didn't even know existed try deleting it. 

If you can't decide which apps to get rid of also look at how much space they're taking up in Google Files Go and say goodbye to the heaviest of them first.

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5. Try lightweight versions of apps

Try lightweight versions of apps

If you just can't delete some bulky apps at least we place them with lighter versions most social networking apps do have a version like Facebook Lite, Youtube Go, Google Go, etc.

6. Turn down the graphics

Turn down the graphics

An ambient display or Always on Display keeps you up to date with all the important notifications and you don't even have to unlock your phone to see them but it eats up your battery life. You can reduce motion and transparency of background effects in your settings, changing from alive to static wallpaper is also your best bet.

7. Clear Your Cache

Your built-in browser keeps a cache of the webpages you visit with cookies, login information, and other data to help you navigate through them easier. But when the cache is too full your phone slows down. 

If you have an iPhone 

  • Go to settings > Passwords > Accounts > Safari > Clear history and website data.

If you have an Android phone 

  • Open the menu in the chrome browser > Settings > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data or cache. 

Before you do it make sure you know all the passwords you've typed in on different sites and remember any URLs you need.

8. Disable automatic background processes

Disable automatic background processes

If you have an iPhone

IOS 13 or above has a low data mode that doesn't let apps update or download any data including emails in the background.

If you have an Android phone

You can uncheck auto-sync data in settings>data usage 

9. Replace the battery

Replace the battery

The older your phone battery gets the more likely it is to shut down unexpectedly even when it was charged well enough, this can even have and when your phone is just a year old. After a couple years most batteries passed their peak performance capability.

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10. Factory Reset Your Phone

Factory Reset Your Phone

This is the most radical of all steps but if all else fails you've always got this option. Resetting your phone deletes all the apps and data you have on it so make sure you back it up on cloud storage or a computer before you wipe it clean. 

If you have an iPhone 

  • You can do it in Settings < General < Rese and erase all content and settings it'll ask you for your passcode to confirm the operation when it's done you can restore important data from your backup.

If you have an Android phone

  • It'll be in Settings < Backup & Reset < Factory data reset when it's done choose to restart the phone.

And finally, if none of that helps you can take your phone back to where you bought it and let them check if it's a hardware issue they might even be able to replace it under warranty. 

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