Top 10 best IT jobs in demand in the next 10 years and for the future

AI and automation will indeed wreak havoc among the workforce, rendering a large portion of the population useless And without economic value, not only will it take your jobs but it will make the rich even richer. With that said it might be wise to consider some of the fields which will see an uptick in productivity in the following years. 

1. Robot Manufacturer & Service Management

People look at the likes of Boston Dynamics and scratch their heads, although impressive. Their robots are nowhere near close to what a human can do. What you should understand is that it's not about the end goal, instead, it's about progress. If you focus on how much progress. 

If you've made in the last couple of years and assume the industry will keep up at a similar pace, you might be out of a job fairly soon. The biggest e-commerce stores and factories already employ large amounts of robots. 40% of the world's robots are currently in the auto industry. But other sectors want in. 

As of 2018 on average, one droid equals 5.6 paid workers according to research. And the number of robots in the workspace is expected to triple in the next 10 years. So where do you come in? Someone will have to build those robots. The thing is, it's probably going to be robots building them as well. 

So your only shot is to be one of the people who build other robots. If you don't make the cut there, you might want to focus on robot maintenance. These things will require upgrades, updates, and have their oil changed. Somebody's got to take care of the robots. This might not sound glamorous, but it will, however, be a highly lucrative business. 

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The companies that are looking for Robot Manufacturer & Service Management are - EDAG, Mechatron Robotics, Addverb Technologies, ABB, FlyBase, Rapyuta Robotics, Stryker.

2. Big data and AI scientists

Algorithms will take over analytics, they already can crawl through massive quantities of data and pull out relevant summaries. Where do you come in? Someone needs to program the AI when it comes to what to look for and what we needed to bring back from the mountains of data, we're currently feeding into the internet. 

People from the IT industry will see the rise of AI pretty quickly. Not in the way most people expect it to be, but in a massive improvement in how quickly everything can be done. In just a few years, a single person will have a whole suite of simplified tools which you can use to replace an entire division. 

You're either going to be the guy that uses the new tools or you're going to be out there looking for work. Make your choice.

The companies that are looking for Big data and AI scientists are IBM, Google, Oracle, Segment, Crunchbase, Salesforce, Cloudera, and more.

3. Esports

Esports is going to be huge. Some might say it will eventually overtake traditional sports World championships already take place in the same arenas as the FIFA World Cup. And in both cases, every seat is sold out. Universities now offer esports scholarships and money is flooding into this space.

People will get mad rich off Esports, Both investors and actual players. Esports as an industry has been growing by more than 50% year after year and as of 2018, it passed the billion-dollar mark and it's not even mainstream yet. The esports industry is the new gold rush in terms of potential and fairly low barriers of entry.

The companies that are looking for Esports are - Amazon, Twitch, Razer, Epic Games, Activision, Riot Games, and more.

4. Virtual World Designer

VR and AR are the new frontiers, an unexplored land filled with potential and waiting to be built. That's where you come in. Somebody will have to design everything in our newfound worlds, from buildings to chairs to what inhabits it and more even better. You're no longer limited by the restraints of the real world.

Currently, 4.2 billion people are connected to the Internet, meaning they have some sort of virtual footprint in a digital world adoption of immersive VR will be slow and it's likely to start with entertainment at first, but virtual worlds will not be for gaming purposes alone. It will be a lot more cost-efficient to use virtual worlds as our main transactional and interactive environment. 

Why spend two hours in traffic to get to a meeting when we can just put on our goggles and meet at a virtual office. We're already doing most of our interactions with others in the virtual space. You talk to people on WhatsApp, you look at their travel pics on Instagram, and read this article on Your Favorite Browser. You don't need to leave the house for any of these.

Virtual worlds are the natural progression of these technologies and will be a part of our lives way sooner than you think.

5. Cybersecurity and private data Brokerage

As we live more and more of our lives in the digital round. Cybersecurity will become more and more relevant to all of us. We are already seeing worldwide debates about how our data is handled by big corporations. People have been giving away their data for free because they don't realize how valuable this/type of information actually is.

Before social media and cookies. You had to spend millions of dollars to get your hands on this type of info, but now people give it away for free in exchange for memes and funny videos. 

Social platforms got the bargain of the century making billions of dollars off of your data and governments have no idea what's actually happening. On average U.S Consumers, data is worth at least $240 per year to companies like Facebook or Google.

Data brokerage is already a billion-dollar industry, but it's not as public as the rest so people ignore it.

The companies that are looking for Cybersecurity Engineers are - Apple, Intel, Cisco, Boeing, Capital One.


As an AI engineer you will be developing artificial intelligence models using machine learning and deep learning neural networks to draw business recommendations and insights so these recommendations and insights can be used to make business decisions that can directly affect the company's growth.

Now as an AI engineer you should be skilled in programming languages such as R, python and java should also be a master in machine learning algorithms. You should have a thorough understanding of statistics because without statistics you cannot build models and also the most important thing is you should be a great problem solver.

The companies that are looking for an AI engineer are - Apple, Shell, and Amazon.

7. Cloud Architect

As a cloud architect, you should be able to design develop and implement complex cloud environments. You should be able to identify issues and threats and describe, plan, and design IT systems for each cloud platform. You should be able to balance between the many features, both hardware, and software, which make up these clouds. 

You should be able to communicate your design to all team members to aid understanding and acceptance. This could include some negotiation and discussion over multiple deployments because different teams require different levels of security for different cloud deployments. You should be able to reduce overhead so that costs are maintained even if there are problems with cloud deployments.

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The companies that are looking for a cloud architect right now are SAP, Oracle, and Wipro.

8. Full Stack Developer Role

As a full-stack developer, you will be involved in all stages of development. Not just programming, you will also be involved in design, database, client-side & servers. You will create a single source of truth which is a living database, that doesn't change. This is the crucial difference between functional and non-functional programming.

The companies looking for a full stack developer are - Apple, Hp, and siemens.

9. Mobile Application Developer Job Role

A mobile app developer uses programming languages and development skills to create, test, and develop applications on mobile devices. They work in a variety of mobile and web languages such as Java, HTML5, iOS, and Android. These jobs typically offer the following characteristics:

Programmers must be able to integrate into existing code and know how to write mobile apps.   

The companies that are looking for A mobile app developer are - Accenture, Microsoft, and IBM.

10. DevOps Engineer

A DevOps Engineer has an essential role in integrating the two dev teams and ensuring that the different roles work together properly.

If you're looking for a DevOps engineer that can help your business do DevOps right, we've got the perfect candidate in our team.

The companies that are looking for DevOps engineers - Accenture, IBM, SAP, Salesforce, Cisco Systems, Dell Technologies.

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