Jobs that will disappear in the future due to technology advancements and AI

It seems like something out of a science fiction book or dystopian novel about the future but makes no mistake the job market as we know it is bound to completely transform.

Some jobs may actually even become obsolete in the future today we're going to go over some jobs that might disappear in the future because of Technology and AI.

1. Gas station workers

With electric cars becoming more and more popular, the need for gas station workers may soon become less and less between theft and poor areas and the rise and gas prices, the industry may soon shift entirely to clean reusable energy.

As AI and robotics start developing, they'll be able to replicate the jobs performed by gas station workers, especially repetitive tasks, as well as higher valued ones, but also replacing humans altogether in high volume/low-value settings.

Once AI becomes capable of doing the job of all gas station workers, AI and robots will also replace their jobs within the ride-sharing services and the upcoming driverless cars.

This means many gas stations may be replaced by recharging stations, where you simply drive up the plug, in your vehicle, and then drive off.

2. Pharmacy Workers 

Giving out the wrong prescriptions, failure to communicate the appropriate prescriptions, and human substance abuse may be more closely monitored if all these tests are performed by robots and AI.

Yes believe it or not the way you receive your prescription drugs may radically be altered in the future, a lot of these types of jobs are targets of automation.

3. Bank Tellers 

Bank error in your favor collect $200 well not anymore, yes even bank tellers are subject to losing their positions in the future. After all, it's hard to rob a bank if it's run by robots this may also happen to loan officers who may not give away loans anymore based on charity. if you don't make the cut and you don't qualify it's hard to argue with a faceless machine to give you money.

4. Industry workers 

Car manufacturers, cell phone manufacturers, and many different workers in various industries are at risk of being replaced by robotic arms. In 2016 tech company Foxconn replaced 60,000 of its workers with robots, this is happening across the board with many different manufacturing companies, making industry workers the most likely to lose their careers.

5. Grocery store clerks 

We are already starting to see this at big-box grocery stores and department stores around the world scanning coupons inputting your own purchases and paying a machine seems to be the norm. It may even prove to eliminate cashiers altogether given that nearly 10% of all cash handling transactions result in a human error which may result in losses for either the company finances or the customers.

6. Pilots 

Eliminating human error is actually a large component of creating vehicles that run entirely on autopilot. Many planes actually run on these types of systems, with the human in the pilot seat making sure everything goes as planned, removing the human as a hindrance. 

Eventually, the artificial intelligence will be strong enough to actually perform most of the tasks in most situations, but the pilot may need to monitor the system's progress. If that's not a scenario any driver wants to deal with, we're not sure how the average driver will respond to automotive that eliminate their jobs altogether.

7. Postal Workers 

Paper mail delivery has been on a steady decline over the past few decades with the invention of email. Electronic delivery has cut paper costs saved trees and even taken out a lost mail equation altogether.

Many services resort to online billing and when it comes to parcel delivery companies like Amazon are starting to employ delivery drones, the whole process has not been streamlined yet but it's only a matter of time before home mail delivery becomes obsolete.

8. Truck drivers 

Many of the world's leading businesses are starting to invest in driverless vehicles especially trucks, including Apple, Tesla, Ford, Amazon, and even uber delivery times can be doubled without the need for humans to stop to use the bathroom, sleeve, or eat. 

Now trucks can be fueled and travel straight to their destinations without stopping, this will greatly affect many companies' bottom lines but it will ultimately cost truck drivers their careers in the future.

At the same time, this development might also force technology companies like Google or Apple to move into trucking. This may cause a "significant disruption" to companies that have been heavily investing in the trucking industry.

9. Teachers

It may come as a shock that teachers are subject to becoming obsolete however many academics agree that new technologies like iPads and personal computers can be used to teach children just as well. Engaging applications, programs, and even video tutorials can teach many people how to do it themselves.

Perhaps in the future schools may become at-home guided programs through virtual reality as portrayed in Ernest Cline's novel ready player one.

10. Public transit drivers or operators

Bus drivers, subway drivers, and train operators may soon lose their jobs to automation as well, with the invention of driverless vehicles many workers in these positions might soon find their jobs to be obsolete as the need for a human operator is gone.

11 Baristas

Getting a perfectly handcrafted cup of coffee may soon be a thing of the past with espresso machines becoming more and more advanced in the coming years.

According to Wikipedia over 2.5 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day in the future coffee shops may actually become coffee stations where people line up to have a cup of joe pumped out of a machine.

12. Fast-food workers 

McDonald's and other fast-food chains are already replacing their cashiers with ordering stations, these computers allow you to punch in your order manually pay, and then receive your order. How much longer will it be before a computer with robotic arms is made to assemble hamburgers like an automotive plant assembles cars this may happen sooner than we think.

13. Meter Readers 

A meter reader is someone who goes around to the houses for gas and electric companies to get accurate readouts of the utility bills, well if they were at least nowadays most companies are installing texts to access the information remotely.

14. Typist or word processor 

Some of our grandmas might have worked as a typist back in the age of typewriters and we honestly assumed that the profession had already gone up to that great job-hunting site in the sky, but the rise of automated transcription software has been a key factor in the jobs recent decline.

These days typists are often replaced by AI apps that can send sentences in just a few minutes without requiring any human interaction. 

15. Broadcasters 

Add broadcasting to the list of industries that Millennials are ruthlessly killing, because 20-somethings are constantly on their dadgum social media devices ad revenue from TV is going down so TV news companies may find it more difficult to hire.

16. Disc jockeys (DJs)

Career cast explains the declining job prospects for DJs by saying that people are opting to use their iTunes and Spotify playlists instead. We mean we guess that's an option but don't come crying to me when you're freaked the hater's playlist comes on during your cousin's Bar Mitzvah.

17. Seamstress tailors and jewelers 

Because we as a society have decided that clothing is essentially disposable as is the workforce that makes it. Fewer people are opting to get their clothing well-tailored for the same reason jewelers are expected to see their industry reduced by 11%. 

We're not bitter about how wasteful and exploitive Western societies clothing purchasing practices are we say bitterly with a bitter expression.

18. Insurance underwriter

We're going, to be honest, our collective brains here at bestie just short-circuited automatically when we expect it to understand insurance, but apparently, underwriters are responsible for evaluating whether or not an insurance company should take on someone as their client.

In recent years underwriting software has made the job stability what those in the business might call in uninsurable risk.

19. Librarian

Whether you had one in your school or you were just a nerd who frequented the library often we usually have fond memories of librarians but alas those memories will be but stories for distant generations, because librarians are disappearing why you ask? well, that's because libraries are disappearing as well.

We know this sucks but why would someone need a room full of manual books when you have a library of digitally obtained books at your fingertips still those of us who liked getting media you can hold in your hands for free are going to miss these passions of learning plus it was probably the last place beside a public toilet where you could go hang out without being expected to buy anything.

And that concludes our list were you surprised by any of the jobs that might not exist soon was your job included on this list let us know in the comments section below. 

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