iOS vs Android comparison in 2021| pros and cons | market share

There is no doubt that android and IOS are two of the most popular operating systems in the market today. It is understandable that one would get confused between these two platforms as both are Android-based.


Now when you talk about application development Android and iOS lead the line this is because of their popularity, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and many more.

 And more likely Android and iOS are like two faces of the same coin. 

I've seen a lot of people who have switched from Android to iOS and also people who've switched from iOS to Android. But the switching is not very easy, you need to get accustomed to a lot of things all right.

Now talking about their market share Google's Android holds close to 87% of the market share which might seem like a better choice.

But can you ignore the high monetization prospects that Apple's iOS platform offers?

The first simple solution that you can think of would be to develop both these platforms simultaneously, but one major drawback is every company does not have a budget for it. Now how exactly this both work Android is like free of course right you can just go to the Play Store download a few apps that you want that's it.

But what about iOS? - iOS has another procedure that it follows, Android users are actually on top so that is because the Android devices which are manufactured are very high. And many people across the world prefer using Android because of the cost.

But when you talk about the quality and applications or the security that iOS provides people would opt for iOS but that is not in range wise. iOS is a little too costly compared to Android so the cost that you're going to be spending on Android is less and the cost that you're going to be spending on iOS is going to be a little more.

Now I think you understand that why Android leads in the section of mobile development.

Now in total if I have to sum up this entire market share of Android and iOS, Android has scored a goal over here because like I mentioned the cost which is actually the first factor that anybody would look out for.

And people who look out for security and more other features which are not provided by Android, but when you talk about security features that are not present in android. iOS is going to be leading the industry there.


1. Development Complexity - Android has a very high development complexity, so it normally takes around 30 to 40% more time to develop an application on Android rather than doing it on iOS. So the development complexity like I mentioned in Android is a little high compared to iOS.

2. COST - Like I mentioned cost is a major factor that people would look out for, and now Android costs more due to the higher testing period. iOS does not require more testing, so the cost which is going to be investing in the development purpose is going to be less.

Now that's another reason why iOS devices or apply phones are a little too costly because the development cost is less, but the investment in the company and the product are going to be more so that's the reason the device is a little too costly.

3. Programming language -  Android mainly requires Java and Kotlin which is actually very easy to learn and understand. Whereas in iOS you need to have basic knowledge of objective-c or Swift for native development. 

There are also little two tough guys because Java is our open source programming language and most of the people out there know how to our works. I know it is a little too complicated when it is compared to Python but yeah objective-c or Swift is a little too tough when it is compared to Java.

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4. Security - Android is not very secured when it is compared to iOS. But iOS is highly secured you're going to be paying so much but it is worth spending so much money on something that is going to keep you secure.

5. Speed - Android has a faster mean download but when you talk about iOS speed it is much faster than Android.

So you can see that here we've actually got into a tie that is Android has its own advantages and iOS has its own plus points.


So which platform should you work on to develop the right application? 

Now choosing the right platform for application development depends solely on the user. Although the user the vision of selecting the right one which was more suitable for his organization.

There may be a lot of Android users across the world but the quality and the resistance that iOS offers can never be matched

So know what you're developing to choose the right platform, there is nothing much superior when it comes to choosing the right platform like I mentioned Android has its own advantages and iOS has its own advantages, make sure that you select the perfect one.

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