Upcoming Programming Languages | Top 5 Future Programming Languages

Programming languages have changed all our lives taking us to a whole new world. It has made applications easier to use and more efficient with various developer communities and different use cases emerging numerous new programming languages are coming up. And the common question among beginners is which programming language should I learn.

The ever-growing list of programming languages making it really tough for programmers to pick any one language. I am here with the list of the top future programming languages for the coders who want to make it big in the coming years. *These programming languages are in no particular order.


Kotlin developed by JetBrains is a cross-platform open-source statistically typed programming language. One of the stated goals of kotlin is to compile as quickly as Java. Similar to how java was named after the Indonesian island java kotlin is named after kotlin island near Saint Petersburg.

Kotlin version 1.0 was released in February 2016 and in November 2017 kotlin version 1.1 was released. Google has fully supported kotlin designing android apps as an alternative to java since October 2017. Kotlin can be used for web development,, android development windows development as well as site application servers. It runs on Java virtual machine and is much simpler than java. 

Kotlin is easy to learn and one of the fastest-growing programming languages in recent years It is indeed a wise choice for android app developers and programmers to learn this language in the coming years. here's a snapshot of the kotlin programming language.



Swift is a compiled programming language developed by Apple and the open-source community. Inspired by python swift is simple safe and easy to read and learn. This programming language was developed as a replacement for Objective C apple's earlier programming language.

As swift made the code quicker to write and less prone to common errors it quickly gained popularity particularly with the IOS developers. The specifications of this language are quite broad and it's just not as syntactic objective C cleanup.

One of the killer features of swift is its language design. It has a simpler concise and clean syntax as a compiled language swift is as fast as C++. According to the stack overflow survey, this programming language is ranked 6th as the most beloved programming language.

With people becoming more addicted to their cell phones at all hours of the day they need IOS developers and programming languages like these aren't going away anytime soon. 

Here's how a code snippet from swift looks like.


Go is a statistically typed compiled programming language. It was designed back in 2007 to improve programming productivity in an era of multi-core, large codebases, and networked machines. It was publicly announced in November 2009.

Go is widely used in production at google and various other organizations and open source projects. It has excellent built-in support for concurrent programming which makes it best for highly complex applications. 

Due to its syntax GO is considered an easy to learn programming language. It does not incorporate any complicated concepts or complex meta-programming it's best suitable for minimal web applications, APIs, and web servers.

Also according to a recent survey of tech professionals, golang programmers had the highest average salary of $1,32,000 per year. All these pointers are enough by themselves to state why you should learn this programming language in the coming years. This is how a simple go program looks like.


This programming language is a strict syntactical superset of javascript and adds optional static typing to the language. This was first made public in October 2012 after two years of internal development at Microsoft.

Several IT experts have recognized the popularity of typescript which is considered ideal for developing large applications. Like GO and Kotlin in the list the key feature of the typescript is the language design. It has crisp and clean code which makes it one of the most elegant programming languages out there.

Typescript is one of the fastest-growing web programming languages. It is ranked 5th according to GitHub October. So if you're looking to learn a web programming language typescript is a good choice. Here's a snapshot of the typescript programming language.

5. R -  

R is an analysis programming language that is used for graphical and statistical analysis of huge data. This is an open-source analytical environment that helps in data mining and data representation. It is supported by the R foundation of statistical computing and was implemented in 1976 at bell labs.

R comes with a set of the inbuilt wide range of libraries that are useful in statistical and graphical analysis of chunks of data. Our programming's primitive implementation is written in C, C++, Fortran, and R. 

Most of the extended user-defined packages are written using these languages which specialize in statistical techniques. This makes our expandable language for various platforms so here's how a code snippet from R looks like.


And there you go that's our list of the top five future programming languages think we missed any let us know in the Comments Section.

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