Unlimited Storage On Your Smartphone in future ?


Talking to friends, you get very limited storage in your smartphone. That is, storage is such a thing that Mobile Phone seems to be as small as life. Sometimes you take more photos, sometimes you make more videos, sometimes you install more apps, but what if you want to see unlimited storage. Well, some time ago I had talked about one of my articles about Nono Diamond Batteries in that I had told about how unlimited batteries can come inside mobile phones.

So here too many researchers have found that how to give unlimited storage inside the mobile phone. Well technically it is not unlimited, it is 100 times more storage than the normal storage. But how exactly does this thing work, what is the science behind it? Today everyone can understand in a good way and find out what this technology is all about?

First of all, this research has been done at the University of Texas at Austin, which is in the USA and they used Nano Particles in this technology. And see, the name of Nano Technology or the Nano Compound they have used. Was Molybdenum disulfide, that is, mos2 now it means that the Nanotechnology or the people who are using the NanoParticle can store data at the Nano level inside the reality. Its simple meaning indicates that 1 square nanometer, which is too small, can store a lot of data.

And this is not the first time. Things of this type have also been performed with many subatomic level particles. Now, these new devices fall under this new category which is called masm registers and its special is that it can store 100 times more data within 1 square nanometer. An example - 25 TB of data can be stored within 1square centimeter. 

To make a comparison of this, suppose you have 128 GB of storage inside your phone but it can store 100 times more data than that with the help of this technology. This becomes quite a good thing because if seen in the present time, we have reached the limit of storage. First came the hard drives, then got to see SSDs, flash storage, and then these things were ignited inside the mobile phone, but there were advances in it but a peak was reached.

That is why we need new technology and this is why Nanotechnology is in the works and another special thing is that the speed of accessing the data that is available means that the speed of read and write is very high. And at the same time, the processing power that was available also started to seem quite low.

And let me tell you one thing, the work on storage technologies was going on for a long time. There was work on DNA storage here and now a new thing has come out and the best thing is that it can be seen very soon. Even researchers using this nanotechnology are making processors. That is, researchers have used atomically thin materials of different types. Meaning that right now you have got to see silicon on processors, germanium is found, after that the distance between the transistors is gradually decreasing by using different technologies inside it.

But if atomically thin materials are used in the coming time, then certainly the performance will be very high inside the processors, which will be very good in energy efficiency. If seen then it becomes a lot of future things.

So this Nano Technology is still the initial stage, this technology will take time to develop. But maybe after a few years, this technology will be fully developed and you can see this technology inside your phone. You will see it in such a way that the SSDs and storage will be used inside the data center of Google. If all that is replicated by this, then the cost of their operation will be much lower and the negative impact on the environment will also be reduced considerably.

By the way, what do you think can you use unlimited storage inside a mobile phone.

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