Best Top 10 Programming Languages For 2022 | Popular Programming languages in 2022

There's no question that programming is a hot career right now and will be for years to come in fact labor statistics have predicted a 21% of growth in all programming jobs in the next decade which is four times the average of all other occupational sectors. 

Even the median salary of a programmer is three times that of an average of any other sector now we understand that venturing into the field of programming can be a daunting escapade especially for professionals with no prior experience so if you are confused about where to begin don't worry because we have you covered here we are with a list of top 10 programming languages best and popular language for you in 2021

Now understand that this list is purely subjective and is in no particular order also this list does not even claim to be absolute rankings of these programming languages so feel free to leave us your suggestions in the comment section below 

Best Top 10 Programming Languages For 2021 | Popular Programming languages in 2021

1. PHP programming language

Php is a general-purpose programming language that has been the cornerstone of the web for many many years it is open-sourced and mainly used for developing dynamic and data-heavy websites and applications now 79 of all websites whose server-side language we know has been based on PHP and some of the major players who have used PHP in the market are Yahoo, Facebook, and Wikipedia.

now PHP is simply fast and platform-independent and boasts 631 000 GitHub repositories and has a community of 5.9 million to back it up which is why most front-end developers start off their career by learning this language. 

Now PHP supports a lot of frameworks a few of them are Cakephp, larval, symphony, and falcon, and companies like Tcs, Hcl, Motorola, and Oracle are constantly on the lookout for PHP developers offering an average salary of 102,000 US dollars or 8.5 LPA in India.

2. R programing language

Now R was designed by statisticians and specializes in mathematical computations that is why it is known as the lingua franca of statistics now as technology progresses forward the data used by organizations and research institutes gets more and more and more complex. 

Now R has been collectively adopted by these organizations as a language of choice to analyze data r is not just open source but comes with cross-platform compatibility a huge community as well as more than 6 million GitHub repositories to back it up now major highlights of this language apart from its computing capabilities is the ability to create interactive web apps and a huge library of over 10 000 packages to cater to diverse needs. 

Now as an R programmer or as an R professional you can boast a salary of up to 121,000 US dollars or seven lakhs per annum in India from companies such as New Sigma, Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

3. DART programming language 

Now Dart is an open-source programming language developed by Google used for both server-side and browser-side programming now while most frameworks share a portion of their code base with other platforms dart takes this to an entirely new level.

Now with Dart, you can write a single app that would work on both Android and IOS where that absolutely tips the scale is where it allows code sharing using a single app across different platforms. 

Now, this simple to use easy to learn an iterative programming language is fairly new to the game but along with its sister framework flutter, dart has completely taken the market by stopping lately.

The dart can get your foot into the door into many companies including but not limited to HP, Motorola, Airbnb, Apple, and Google for salaries as high as 154000 US Dollars or 13.6 LPA.

4. GOLANG Programing Language

Now modern applications require way more than a great programming language modern applications rely on correct communication and coding standards to have adhered to all of which are core concerns for golang and not just an added checkmark.

Now golang is fast statically typed and a compiled programming language but it feels like it's dynamically typed and interpreted now it has a budding community with over 276,000 repositories on GitHub this programming language may be new to the game but it has a very reliable framework like Beego and Revel in its backpack.

Major companies are looking for golang developers like Siemens, Dell, springboard, and Walmart offering salaries as high as 170,000 US dollars or 15.3 LPA in India.

5. C# Programing Language

Now C sharp is an easy-to-learn modern programming language that supports a lot of the new features for developing secure scalable and robust industry-grade software applications it makes compilation and execution of programs lightning fast.

Now it is mostly used with frameworks like and Xamarin to create web applications and web forms now it has a community of over 670,000 Github repositories which makes it a fairly popular language especially in the field of game development including Xbox's XNA framework and unity 3d game engine. 

Now this language has a lot of popularity and it is obvious that major players in the market are hiring highly skilled c-sharp developers for salaries as high as 78 grand in the US and 10 LPA in India these companies including but are not limited to HP, Capgemini, SAP, and Philips.

6. SQL Programing Language

Structured query language or what's more commonly known as SQL. It is a special-purpose programming language used to interact with the database it it works by analyzing and understanding different fields and tables in a database and most top tech companies cannot do without it in fact a lot of fortune 500 companies have built their own version of a high-performance database system using SQL.

Now it is quite a popular language and it has over 260,000 Github repositories with a huge community to back it up it eclipses the popularity of a lot of the new languages when it comes to data science or data analytics field major players in the market such as Airbnb, Netflix, Uber, Google, and Facebook are hiring at an average salary of 97,000 in the US and 10 lakhs in India.

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7. C and C++ Programing Language

Most programmers start their programming journey by learning either C or  C++ these two act as a stepping stone for a budding programmer now despite the age both of these languages are still highly popular and very functional despite the number of quality alternatives in the modern market hence these two rule about a fifth of the entire market on the modern-day. 

Now both of these have a huge community to back them up and to boast and there have been several products that have been designed on both these programming languages a few examples are Spotify, eBay, and Dropbox which have been developed using C and you also have Oracle and Adobe which have been developed using C++.

Now companies such as HP, Wipro, Huawei, Phone pay, and IBM are hiring C and C++developers at an average salary of 114000 us dollars and 9.8 LPA in India.

8. JAVA Programing Language

In modern times java is one of the most popular programming languages and it is probably due to its ability to design custom applications that are light, fast, and serve a lot of different purposes. 

It is open-sourced and relatively easy to learn it boasts strong memory management high functionality top-notch security and backward compatibility it is also cross-platform compatible and supports several frameworks namely Hibernate, Spring, and Strut now java also boasts a huge backing community with over 1.6 million Github repositories.

Now as a java developer you can expect an average of 123,000 US dollars or 11 lakhs average in India from very reputed companies like CapitalOne, HCL, and Barclays.

9. JAVASCRIPT Programing Language

Now the most obvious reason you might try to learn Javascript is that you want to become a web developer now even if you haven't had your heart set on a tech career learning javascript and being proficient at it will help you create websites from scratch which is a pretty useful skill to have in the market today. 

Now javascript supports several different frameworks from node.js to react.js to Vue.js and Angular and Meteor and the list doesn't just end there

Now being proficient in javascript is going to open doors for you with several opportunities from companies such as Accenture, Dell, SAP labs, Oracle, and Capgemini with salaries up to 117,000 US dollars or 16 lakhs on an average in India. On top of that javascript boasts a robust community featuring over 822 000 repositories on Github as well.

10. PYTHON Programing Language

Python is a high-level general-purpose and highly versatile programming language which finds its Applications, in Machine learning, Data science, web development, and many other cutting-edge technologies. 

It is fit for beginners as well as seasoned professionals to learn now python boasts many frameworks such as Django, Flask, and Pyramid and applications such as Google's app engine, Ubuntu's Ubiquity installer, and Fedora's anaconda installer.

Now it boasts a robust community of over 1.6 million GitHub repositories and a median salary in the US of about 120 k and in the India of 11.5 LPA no wonder that companies such as Cisco, IBM, Google HP, Qualcomm, and dropbox are all using python owing to its elegance and simplicity. So with that, I conclude my list of top 10 programming languages for the year 2021 for you to learn.

Now there are a few more programming languages that definitely deserve our attention I'm talking about HTML, CSS, Julia, Cuda kotlin swift, and scholar now if you want to venture into any of these programming languages and upskill. 

So, guys, I meet you with my next blog and do you have any suggestions for me to tell in the comment section.

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