Top 10 technologies to come in the next 10 years that will change the World

Top 10 technologies to come in the next 10 years that will change the World

1. Artificial intelligence and Machine learning

For me, today's biggest technology trend that is transforming how businesses like Netflix and Amazon operate even our email spam filters we're using AI every single day and this will transform our businesses gives machines the ability to learn by themselves and make more autonomous decisions.

2. The Internet of Things or IoT 

This means that we now have more interconnected and smart devices they started with our phones now we have smartwatches we have Smart TVs and soon smart everything today we have 20 billion soon we have 200 billion interconnected devices and they surely will transform our world.

3. Wearable technology 

It all started with fitness trackers but soon we'll have a plethora of smart devices that will make our lives as humans safer more efficient and healthier and potentially even augment what it means to be human.

4. Big data

We now have a world full of data more than ever before what we now also have is intelligent algorithms that can extract insights automatically so we get augmented inside that will give companies unprecedented insights from their data.

5. Intelligent spaces 

What we're seeing is that our homes and offices and a bit and our buildings are becoming smarter and more intelligent and this will transform the way we live and the way we work.

6. Blockchains 

They are super secure ways of storing our information and validating transactions we're not talking about distributed Ledger as well this will transform how banks operate and how we keep our possessions.

7. Cloud and Edge computing 

Cloud computing means we can now process and store data via the internet on other people in other people's data centers. Edge computing means we can now process more of this data on our devices like smartphones.

8. Extended reality 

What we are now seeing is that our real world is being extended into the digital world with the augmented reality we place objects onto the real world or even virtual reality where we are completely immersing ourselves in the digital world the future will mix those realities much more intensely.

9. Digital twins 

They are basically virtual copies of products or even entire processes and ecosystems that allow us to tweet them and experiment with them without actually having to do this to the real object.

10. Natural language processing 

This is the ability of machines to understand our language it gives machines the ability to read the text to summarize text for us and even write entire books.

11. Voice interfaces and chatbots 

We are all used to Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri, and in our lives, this will only increase check Bots will become more intelligent they will understand our emotions and we will be able to communicate with them much better than we can do today.

12. Computer vision and facial recognition 

Basically, this is the ability of machines to be able to understand who is on a photograph and what is on a photograph and machines are getting extremely good at this sometimes better than humans.

13. Robots and CoBots

What we are now seeing is increasingly autonomous robots that are aware of their surroundings so they become intelligent co-workers of us they are aware of us we are aware of them and we can work together with them.

14.Autonomous vehicles 

We are now seeing self-driving cars self-driving delivery robots and we will see a lot more of those in the future.

15. 5G

It is basically the fifth generation of mobile communication that will give us speeds and latencies of Internet communications on our phones that is as good as our fiber optic lines and our officers.

16. Genomics and Gene-Editing 

Basically, it's the ability to understand our genomic structure how we are made up as humans and what we're made of above, and the ability to edit ourselves to cancel out things like cancer and potentially create completely new beings that have never existed before.

17. Machine core creativity and augmented design 

This basically means that we can now use tools like artificial intelligence enable design software that can be creative come up with new ideas new concepts we're now seeing creative AI is being able to come up with new music new dance routines and this is going to transform the creative processes in our organizations.

18. Digital platforms

Platform businesses like Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, and others have been extremely successful and they're transforming how we interact with the world they're bringing us the gig economy and they will bring us more transformations in the future.

19. Drones

These autonomous flying objects will not only transport our passwords to us and will be part of the logistics supply chain but they will also transport passengers so the future will be to replace or Thomann autonomous cars with self-flying drones.

20. Cyber Security

We're now facing digital threats not just by people but using the latest technology like AI to automate attacks and companies need to use the latest technology to ward those attacks off.

21. Quantum computing 

This is completely redefining what a computer is and could give us computing power that is millions if not trillion times more powerful than even supercomputers we have today.

22. Robotic process automation 

Will we use intelligent tools to help us automate processes but not just programming them but simply having tools watch art and then take over and improve what we do.

23. Mass personalization

What we're now seeing is that companies are becoming more intelligent understanding more about us and can serve as products and services at the exact moment when we need them.

24. 3d printing

It is transforming the way we manufacture in the past we had to take things off now we're adding things we're using innovative materials to build new things layer by layer from trainers to entire houses.

25. Nanotechnology and Material Science 

This is transforming our understanding of materials on a micro-level and will give us completely new products things like bendable screens and extended battery life. So this was just a quick overview of the 25 biggest technology trends that are going to transform the next 10 years.

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