Top 10 Reasons to Learn Java | Why Learn Java Programming in 2020 and 2021

Top 10 reasons to learn Java well there are certain things in life which you hate or you may laugh at the goal but you certainly cannot ignore them. Now one such thing is Java so today I'm going to tell you why more than half of the programming globe loves Java. Now let us start from the Top 10 points as to why you should learn this language

1. Easy and Open Source

Now We all know that it is important that a programming language should be easy to learn so that it is more convenient for everyone to just go ahead and use it so what are the reasons that make Java easy. So it is concurrent now the fact it is concurrent makes it easy to process your data parallelly and that's one of the major reasons then the other thing is it is platform-independent so it might have heard something called as Bora which means right ones and done anywhere and java totally supports this feature so what does this exactly mean so in Java once you've written your application you can run it across any device or any machine that supports a Java environment next it is open source so why is the tool being open source so important now the fact it is open source is because it is available for anyone to use also your JDK or JRE is completely free now everyone out they wants to set up their website for free and since Java is free one can easily create Java applications at no cost so Java is one of the most simple as well as the fundamental programming language that anyone can pick up and trust me guys Java is so simple at the same time the possibilities of what you can develop using Java is Infinitum.

2. Java 9 new features

So the release of Java 9 and Java 9 features is a milestone in the Java ecosystem so I have picked up a few new Java 9 features which I feel are worth knowing about so now let's see what are these features so the first one is the project jigsaw it basically helps you to achieve modularity so the main aim of this project is to introduce the concept of modularity that is the support for creating modules in Java 9 and then apply the same to the JDK that is modularized the JDK next we have J shell scripting so for those of you who are familiar with languages such as Ruby, Scala, groovy, and even Python you must have heard ripple from before now it basically means read eval print loop now with Java 9 dreadful tool has been introduced it makes it quite easy to try out different features. Here you go for learning more about Jave 9 features 

2. Java's popularity and high salary


So I have a tiobe of Programming index for all the present trending programming languages so tiobe is a company that mainly deals with the code written by a lot of organizations so what they do they basically cleanse and to improve the efficiency of code so even if I have to give you a number the deal with about 500 billion lines of code every day so what they have done they have conducted a survey based on the usage of the programming languages in the industry so the keyword searches are taken from Google they were taken from Yahoo, YouTube and then this index was generated so this index is something which is released every year and you can see the popularity of all the programming languages so here you can see how Java has dominated this field from the early 2000 to the present 2018 so this in itself should give you an idea of how popular Java is and how widely it has been used in the industry now apart from this Java developers are the ones who get the highest salary so in average Java developer earns around 110K dollars in US so isn't this amazing guys so you should definitely learn Java to kick start your IT career so anyone with the passion to become a highly skilled Java professional can easily become one through a professional Java certification training so get trained in Java and become the coolest professional in the IT field.

4. Tons of resources and wonderful community support

So Java as a programming language is only present which means it is present everywhere starting from your phone to your setup box to satellites as well so there is a huge job opportunity once you have completely grasped Java then you have it's wonderful to support community so learning is not at all a problem with Java you have numerous resources available online that can act as a perfect companion along with the support community so you have multiple forums then you have Stack Overflow where all your doubts or error set it to Java are answered.

5. Java applications

Well as I said Java is everywhere and has an ocean of opportunities so now let me take you through some of the technologies which makes use of Java so here I have said tip 6 most influence domains that use Java so don't just misunderstand guy is that these are the only 6 domains which use Java. Java is pretty much used everywhere 

So, first of all, it is used to develop a Web application with the most popular frameworks such as spring or hibernate Java is in highest demand now even if you want to run any microservice if you use Java as a programming language or any of its frameworks as a spring or spring boo then it is used in Android app development so we all are familiar with Android so it's an operating system which is developed by Google but how many of you actually know the Android applications, as well as the Android operating system in itself, makes extensive use of Java then you have testing where you can test your web application using various automation testing tools so to name some we have selenium, qtp which is used to automate web applications and perform testing using Java so Java is definitely a go-to language for mobile devices 

Then we have the most popular and trending technology that is the big data technology so over here you all must have heard about Hadoop which is the most preferred framework so Hadoop framework was extensively developed using Java and still makes use of its rich API also the MapReduce codes are written in Java.

6. Java development tools 

Now you have many powerful development tools in which you can do Java programming so the most popular ones are the ones that are majorly used on NetBeans then we have IntelliJ and eclipse so these not only helps you in the code writing process but also offers a high level debugging to the programmers also Java is majorly used in Android application development and hence Android studio is a popular IDE which again accepts Java programming.

7. Java is everywhere 

So Java is all over the place it's on desktop, it's on mobile, it's on the card, and in fact everywhere so here I have listed down few departments where Java has been explicitly used so let's start with 

Banking so here you can deal with the transactional management then you have retail so whenever you go in a store or a restaurant the billing application that you see are completely written in Java then you have information technology or popularly called as IP. so here Java is designed to solve implementation dependencies and this is the domain guys that hires most of the Java developers then it is majorly used in stock market where you can simply write algorithms as to which company should invest in also the applications in itself which is used in stock market are built using Java then you have many others such as financial services which is used in server-side application then there is scientific and research community which again deals with huge amount of data so it's not limited to just one domain also if you do analysis you will see that around 20% of the opening calls for Java skills either alone or in addition to any other programming language also it is being used by many big giants such as Google, Philips, Accenture, Uber and many more so you can be completely assured that Java is not going out of the market any time soon

8. Oops language or Java is an object-oriented programming language

So most popular programming languages like Java, C++, C sharp, Ruby they follow an object-oriented programming paradigm 

Now object-oriented programming is a programming style that is associated with concepts such as Classes, Objects, Inheritance, abstraction, encapsulation, and polymorphism. So an object-based application in Java is based on declaring classes creating objects from them and then interacting between these objects and hence Java being object-oriented programming the concepts of Java are highly readable and are much easier.

9. Java is Portable and Versatile 

So by portable I mean Java can be used across various platforms and is an open-source programming language it is platform-independent across operating systems so as I've already told you guys is the famous tag line that says write once and run anywhere so it tells you to achieve this functionality as well so what it means you can run your Java by the code on any hardware that has a compliant JVM so you can simply write your code or create java application in a Windows environment and then run on any other environment let's say Linux operating system so everything is possible in Java. Next, it is versatile now Java is said as one of the most versatile languages now why I'm saying this well we have many reasons for it now, first of all, it has dynamic coding so as I've already discussed all the codes are organized and they are stored in an object-oriented format known as classes then it is highly secured so Java platform offers a secure environment where even the untrusted codes can be run and without causing any harm to your host's environment then it can easily work with different resources across a network so this is also what makes Java Network Concentrix and a language that is not going out of date anytime soon.

10. Java Enterprise Edition and Stitch API 

Now the reason the API is quite popular is that it becomes very easy for a programmer to build an application as well as use different technologies without actually knowing the internal implementation now coming to Java API it has no issues with the compatibility and handles a wide set of procedures and functions also if we impress that there are over 4,500 API available for developers so the best place where I can show you the API is our the Oracle documentation 

1. Just go to google and type Java API 

2. So over here the first thing that comes up is the official documentation of Oracle so once you click this you will get the complete list of API that are associated as part of Java 7 edition now to your left top you will see the various packages below are the various classes as well as the complete description and details of all the packages concerning Java 7 Edition

3. Now similarly you can change the URL to 8 and then you'll get the complete documentation of Java 8 as well so here again you can see the packages the different classes and then you have something called as compact 1 compact 2 and compact 3 which is nothing but the different profiles.

4. Similarly you can see the changes for Java version 9 as well so I just have to change my URL to 9 and here the changes in the Java 9 version as well now Java also provides API for input/output then we have networking utilities XML parsing database connection and almost everything guys.

So, guys, I meet you with my next blog and you have any suggestions for me to tell in the comment section.

Thank you very much for giving me your important time 



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