Top 10 programming languages in 2022 and for the future

Technology is constantly going through an evolution and so are the languages that are used to develop them there are so many languages today that a beginner would find himself lost when deciding what to learn fret not because by the end of this video I'm sure you will know which language you need to target and master.

Top 10 programming languages in 2022 and for the future

1. Python language

Now Python is an open-source object-oriented interpreted language that provides support for developing graphical user interfaces these guys are used to create 2d imaging software's like Inkscape, PaintShop Pro, etc web frameworks including Django, flask, and web applications like Google App Engine is based on Python, Ubuntu's Ubiquity installer and fedoras anaconda installer are also written in Python. 

Reddit which was originally written in common lips was later written in Python Python is a user-friendly general-purpose language that can be easily integrated with c, c++ and it also provides cross-browser support. 

Popular python frameworks include Django, pyramid, turbo keyer, and Web Dupuy with 894K GitHub repositories and an average salary of $100,379 a year. And high demand in companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, etc. It is no wonder that Python was voted the most wanted technology of the year.

2 .JavaScript language

Universally known as the language of web developers javascript is a feature-rich object-based scripting language featuring asynchronous event handling and crisp syntax javascript has found widespread use in the field of web development.

What started off as a simple client-side scripting language is now a highlight within the web development community featuring multiple frameworks for both back-end and front-end development having JavaScript on your resume opens up numerous doors filled with opportunities for you. 

Whether it be some small startup or tech giants like Google and Facebook everybody needs an employee who knows web development and they get paid well too with the median salary of JavaScript developers being around $110,000 for a year (according to above that javascript boasts a robust community featuring more than 400,000 JavaScript-based repositories on GitHub itself.

3. Java language

Now Java is currently the most popular language when it comes to the number of jobs developers community and widespread acceptance in the IT industry. It is open source and relatively easy to learn Java prides itself in its powerful features which include strong memory management, high performance, backward compatibility, and topknot security just to name a few. 

Java finds itself being used in a multitude of domains including Mobile application, Web development, system programming but its highlight is the ability to make small modules or applets for applications.

 Java is also the base of several popular frameworks like spring, hibernate, and strut just to name a few on the topic of job trends Java developers find the demand in both public and private sectors regardless of the size of the company with a median salary of $97,000 per year above that Java has fantastic community support with above 900 thousand repositories on GitHub itself.

4. R language

This is a language that has been universally accepted as a language of data scientists which is R. It is developed by Ross Ihaka and Robert gentlemen at the University of Auckland R is the most popular programming language for statistical analysis and data science this language is not only open-source.

But also comes with cross-platform compatibility and a huge community with such features R is used in the financial domain to build econometrics models and analyze fraudulent transactions it is also used in telecom sectors for churn management subscriber profiling and personalized advertising. 

The highlights of the language include its ability to create interactive Web apps and providing a comprehensive library with 10,000 plus packages to cater to diverse needs the most popular idea used for R is R studio and that 5 languages as a skillset you can become a data analyst, data scientist, quantitative analyst, and financial analyst. 

The company is hiring for these positions are Facebook, Google, Twitter offering an average salary of around $90,000 for a year and have around 4 million git repository still did. 

5. Swift language

This object-oriented block-structured programming language has to make it to the list it boasts of features like better readability speed and dynamic libraries these features ensure lesser errors reduce application size and improve the performance of Swift is specifically developed for application development.

Apple switches to Swift from Objective C hence it is influencing Mac OS to watch us and Apple app development which is its major highlight. Swift has two major frameworks namely Cocoa and CoCoa touch which are centered around application development with application development at its core. 

Companies like Apple, Walmart, Amazon, higher-skilled Swift employees it has around 11,000 repositories with roughly 64,000 pushes suggesting more than 5 pushes per repository on average. A swift developer earns around $81,000 for a year on average summing up to its popularity and demand.

6. GoLang language

This is a language that has recently started making headlines and is also known as Golang. Now developed by the tech giant Google itself Golang boasts features like concurrency that are hard to come by in other languages Google's versatility as a company is reflected in the language they develop too. 

It can be used in a bunch of different scenarios be it machine learning or Web development by the highlight is definitely system development due to Golang and the scope of high scalability.

Even the Golan got popular in recent times it has some really useful frameworks like Ravel and B go in its backpack Golang developers are in high demand and in low supply which makes 2020 a fantastic time to learn GoLang and add it to your resume so that you can apply to companies like Cisco, tech systems, etc that offer handsome salaries that go up to $120,000 for a year. above that: has a budding community with around 80k repositories on GitHub itself.

7. C-sharp language

Now C-sharp is a simple object-oriented programming language with a rich set of libraries which makes the compilation and execution of c-sharp lightning-fast C-sharp are mostly used with framework, to design web forms, Windows applications, etc. 

It is popularly known for game development especially Xbox using Microsoft's XNA framework also it is used alongside languages like ASP in web development and C-sharp is an important part of virtual reality games and it is popularly known for developing Windows 8 and Windows 10 applications. 

It has also been used along with the unity 3d game engine for game development. C-sharp uses frameworks like Xamarin, and .net for building mobile applications and game development with over 436,000 GitHub repositories.

And an average salary of around $78,000 a Europe and a high demand and companies like Cyberinfrastructure Inc, Daffodil software, intellect soft, etc. C-sharp is one of the most advanced programming languages in today's world.

8. C++ language

C++ is a simple yet powerful programming language that provides a structured approach it is one of the most popular languages from which developers usually start their programming journey. 

It is an object-oriented language that is rich with a set of library functions and data types using C++ you can develop the most reliable software and the major domains in which C++ is used mostly our game development scripting mobile applications and web solutions. 

Major highlights of C++ applications are Adobe Photoshop, Google chromium, MapReduce, Mozilla Firefox, MySQL database, and Operating systems from Apple and Microsoft are also developed using C++. C++ provides a generic framework and libraries like WX widgets, gtk++, boost, QT, etc. 

Talking about C++ jobs various companies like Nvidia, Google, Microsoft, Apple, higher-skilled C++ developers, architects, designers offer an average salary of $115,551 for a year not only this it is backed up with a huge community with around 44K GitHub repositories.

9. Scala language

Now Scala stands for scalable language and it's one of many attempts to rewrite Java while improving its drawbacks it's a high-level programming language that incorporates functional programming and object-oriented programming into a powerful language. Scala's text tag consists of diverse library tools and frameworks. 

Popular frameworks include Play, Akka, and Apache Spark. Scala's attempt to make java more functional by offering advanced features like string comparison advancements pattern matching and mixing and Scala's complex features promote better coding and offer a performance increase the language is versatile allowing it to be used in software development web apps and mobile solutions with game development being the highlight. 

Scala is already a success given the fact that big companies like Apple, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the Guardian use it in their codebase is one of the booming technologies in the present Scala developers are paid an average salary of $117,369 for a year.

10. Kotlin language

Kotlin is the Google programming language for building Android apps now has become the most beloved programming language amongst developers according to a Stack Overflow survey it's a statically typed programming language that runs on the JVM popular frameworks that use Kotlin are Couture, spring, and vertex the features that Cortland comes powered with includes interoperability with Java, Android studio support and many others that allow you to write less code with fewer bugs 

According to GitHub the number of contributors using Cortland to build projects has more than doubled in the past year making it the fastest-growing language. The highlight of Cortland is that it is being considered the one-stop language for application development

There are too many companies using Kotlin to list but some more visible companies that have publicly declared the usage of Kotlin include Square, Pinterest, and Basecamp as of December 18, 2018, the average annual pay for recruiting developers. In the United States is around $131250 for a year.

So, guys, I meet you with my next blog and do you have any suggestions for me to tell in the comment section.

Thank you very much for giving me your important time 


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