How fast charging works? | Disadvantages of fast charging

You will know how many fast-charging technologies have come into the open market today, and every company says that our phone has the fastest charger, everyone talks about fast charging, someone says fast charging The phone will be charged in 30 minutes. Some say it will be charged in 23 minutes. And now the phone worth Rs 15,000 is going to be fully charged in 30 minutes.

I am talking to you about different charging technologies - and here we have different standards, The most popular stander is "Qualcomm's Quick Charging" this technology is builtin into Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipsets. If we talk about Qualcomm's Charge 2.0 and 3.0, it supports fast charging up to 18Watt. The new Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0+ supports up to 27Watt fast charging.

 But the biggest problem is that when Qualcomm is that they increased the voltage more here, due to which the conversion of energy was happening, due to which the loss of energy will happen, i.e. that Qualcomm quick charging is fast but not very efficient and with this, you get to see the heating inside the mobile phone, so this is a downside.

Qualcomm's Quick Charge is not so efficient and has more heat but Oppo's VOOC which is the most powerful and fastest charging technology in the market, now Oppo's VOOC technology has been renamed by Oppo, Oneplus introduces it as Warp Charging, 

Realme has got different names from Ultra Dart and Dart, but all the technologies are the same and all of them have only one concept, they kept the voltage constant and boosted the current which was earlier implemented in Vooc.

 We also call Dash Charging used to work on 5V at 4A TheThe energy transfer of 20Watt was done and the special thing here is that the conversion of electrical energy used in the charging adapter was done here. 

This means that There was a charging adapter, it was heated and after that, the energy went directly into the phone and so there was not much heating in the phone, it used to charge more quickly and efficiently but the problem was that here you have propriety adapter should then buy propriety cable and after that, there should be technology inside the phone and if any of the three, is not available then this technology does not work and the implementation of this is only available to see Oppo, Oneplus and Realme, but the only good thing is that your phone is charged quickly without more heating.

This was the technology in 5V at 4A, then you got to see 5V at 6A this technology where you got to see 30Watt charging As you saw on Oneplus 6 or Vooc 4.0, which you found in some phones of Realme. So the same thing was implemented on this and the energy efficiency in 30 watts became much better and the mobile phone that broke it started charging more quickly. 

After this, Oppo took its Super Vooc technology, as you know that you had seen in Oppo's R17 Pro, in the same way, you were charging 50Watt in Oppo's Find X Pro's Lamborgini edition and Realme's X2 Pro. 

Now its main concept was that they are charging 50Watt but they are using the battery but they are not using a single battery. If we talk about the Warp Charge 5 Watt which is coming in the upcoming Oneplus 8T, it also has a concept inside it, two separate batteries are being taken,, and both are being charged simultaneously. 

The, For example, came from the 50Watt adapter and then ran it in both the half-and-half batteries, charging the battery more quickly.


If you have seen any technology with 100Watt +, then its practical implementation is not so popular today because it has too much damage.


When you make multiple partitions of the battery inside any phone, then the size of the battery is working and it has been said that up to 20% of all these things can work. Suppose you took a phone with a 5000mah battery, but if you implement a dual battery in it, you have to do 4500mah of the battery because 5000m dual battery implementation is not possible yet.


Speaking of current, if the battery charges more quickly and discharges more quickly, then the problem of battery degradation will start, that is, you have been using a 5000mah fast charging 10% to 20% drop within a year.

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