E-Waste: Biggest Problem With Your Smartphones


Friends, you know what is the biggest problem with mobile phones? That means I am not talking about a small problem. May I am talking about the biggest problem, which almost everyone ignores. And that is the meaning of E-waste, so many mobiles are being made these days, but what is the difference in our environment? 

Perhaps this is the reason by which the charger has been removed from the box of the upcoming iphone 12 or the upcoming Samsung S21, as it is being given that E-waste is growing in the global society and companies are always launching their phones will remain and this is the reason that you are getting to see these types of things. And if you see, E-waste becomes one of the biggest problems at the global level.

Even if you talk about the modern smartphones, it has become so much disposable in today's time that in today's time, any person takes a phone and replaces it within a few months or 1 year. Now that Apple has started using Recycle Materials inside their phones, their packaging is made Recycled Materials, Xiaomi has also started making packaging their phones with Recycling Materials. Samsung is reminding plastic as far as possible from the packaging material of its phones.

So if we looked at the companies that also worked at a small level, but if we looked at the problem, then the problem is bigger than we think because there is too much carbon footprint out of E-waste and this has a huge impact on our environment. And if you see, the more phones you get in the market, the more E-waste will be made and the more carbon footprint that will be made to make every phone, and if we talk about E-waste, then saw This mobile phone is not a confined one, it is also inside the laptops, computers, cars in the automobile industry and small gadgets and appliances. And if we talk about a report, then last year approximately 50 Million matric tan E-waste is generated, this is a very big number and inside it, 10% of E-waste is generated only from smartphones, yes it becomes an important thing. . But if we see, it becomes a big problem that people do not know how to recycle mobile phones.

And if we are talking about recycling, then there are some important points here t

All the modern phones coming in today's time are launching more and more quickly and when the products are launched in such quantity, E-waste is very much generated on its premises.

 With this, the repairability store of modern smartphones that are available in today's time has also become much more work, that is, if you bought a phone in today's time and if it deteriorates further then it The cost of getting the repair done is very high, that is, the almost all is unrepairable, which people use to throw away the old phone and take the new phone. And if seen, it is also the planning of companies that they make the phone in such a way that those who are there should always buy their phones.

Along with this, plant obsolescence is such a thing, that the company made a phone and they made it, thinking that it will run well for 1.5 - 2 years and after that the problem will start coming in, seeing that the consumer is Will purchase a new phone. So plant obsolescence is also a thing that companies do a lot and its negative impact is our nature and due to this E-waste is increasing. But I want to tell you one thing that out of the amount of E-waste generated by Global, only 20% of it is recycled E-waste, 40% which is unrecycled.

So I think that you will understand this and go ahead and awareness these things because E-waste has become such a problem in today's time which is in the meat of the smartphone, but if you talk about it, then the smartphone is limited. No, there are huge problems with this increase. A smartphone is a small part of a smartphone.

So, guys, I meet you with my next blog and you have any suggestions for me to tell in the comment section.

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