Unbreakable iPhone or Android phone in the Future?

Unbreakable iPhone or Android phone in the Future?

Unbreakable iPhone or Android phone in the Future?

Friends, what if you have a phone, if it accidentally falls on it, scratches it, dents it, get cracked, but that phone will be recovered again. This type of thing can be possible and seems to be the upcoming iphone ie 12 which is coming now, it is not coming, in the coming future, you will get to see an iphone in which the display is unbreakable, ie the display is not broken, it will have scratches, and if there is a problem on that then the display itself Correct you, yes. Because Apple recently patents. Today I am going to explain this technology, how it works and the most important thing is how long you will get to see it on the iphone and android phones.

First of all, I want to give clarification about this unbreakable technology. Friends, this is not a new thing. Before this, a phone call from L.G came a long time ago. The LG G Flex 2 also had a similar concept but it had a self-healing back cover made on the back of the phone. That means plastic material used on the phone, but a special polymer layer was placed on it, which automatically recovered when any scratches came on the back cover of the phone. Now the main science behind it was that multiple hydrogen atoms were seen on the top of the phone cover, due to which the scratches used to come to your phone, the hydrogen would split between the atmos and after that, the hydrogen was bonded again. Used to fix the scratch of the phone again. If seen, LG has already implemented an effective method, it was just the problem that it was not so successful and if it was seen then it would work even on small scratches but as soon as a big scratch came on the phone then this thing Used to spread. But now Apple is developing this technology but for the front glass and its main reason is that they are working on their foldable iphone in the coming time. If we talk about popular leaker Jon Prosser, then by 2022 or 2023, we will get to see foldable phones. If you look at the time, it is going to foldable technology Samsung's already 3 foldable phones have arrived, Motorola's 2 foldable phones have arrived, Xiaomi (Mi) has already shown a prototype, Huawei has also shown its prototype. So, if seen, the technology of foldable phones is evolving further, but the biggest problem is that of durability. Now flexible OLED display can easily be scratched, it can cause damage, so how do we protect it? Flexible glass is a good technology, it can be implemented, but how long will the glass also prevent scratches, why the foldable phone is open-closed, it is a problem and there is another problem with it. Also, take a foldable phone. There is no such foldable phone in the market today, in which you do not get to see a crease, in all the foldable phones, you get to see the crease. And the same thing that Apple is planning, Apple is definitely going to bring a folding iphone in the coming time and Apple will make it in such a way that you do not get to see the small problem inside it. Now not only Apple is working on this thing. Now if Apple will file some patent of this type, then you know that other companies of the world will also be read back and forth. If we talk about Xiaomi or Samsung or other companies, they are also developing this type of thing.

The other thing to see will be that the first company in the world is Angle who implements unbreakable technology on the front of their phone on the display of Yanni. So what do you people think it will be a company with Android or it will be Apple, you can tell this in the comments.

So, guys, I meet you with my next blog and you have any suggestions for me to tell in the comment section.

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