Iphone 12 series launch: Features, Price, Leaks and more

Iphone 12 series launch: Features, Price, Leaks and more

Iphone 12 series launch: Features, Price, Leaks and more

Its official apple sent out invites complete with ar graphics for an event on October 13th and yes this should be all about the new iphone 12. So let's talk about the features and rumors what we're likely to see for the next iPhone

Now all of this goes without saying but until it gets announced none of this is for certain that said there are several credible rumors and leaks that we want and well hope for the next iPhone.

Names and Colors

The next iPhones will likely be called the iphone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 pro max just like the iphone 11 families, and possibly there will be a new iphone called the iphone 12 mini. So iphone 12 and iphone 12 pro seems like a safe bet color-wise the iphone 12 will likely come in an assortment of colors just like the iphone 10r and the 11 and if we look to the new iPad air that could be an indicator of the color direction that these new 2020 iPhones are going when it comes to the iphone 12 pro and pro maxwell they're likely to come in space gray silver and gold just like well the last couple years but instead of that range river green color we saw last year with the iphone 11 Pro the 12 Pro is rumored to come in a midnight blue option.


Now all of these new phones will likely have a new hardware design with squared-off edges a lot of the iPad pro you might even say apple is taking inspiration from the iphone 5, 5s, and the 2016 iPhone SE now the iphone 12 and 12 mini might have aluminum edges whereas the 12 pro and 12 pro max could get stainless steel edges.

Storages Options

As far as storage says goodbye to 64 gigabytes rumors points to baseline iPhones coming with at least 128 gigabytes of storage that's a lot of room for those photos and videos.

Display and Screen Sizes

iphone 12 will come in three different sizes over four different models there will be a 6.1 inch iphone 12 just like the iphone 11 and for the first time a smaller 5.4 inch variant which could be especially small when you consider that the screens on the iphone 10 10 s and 11 Pro are 5.8 inches hence the iphone 12 mini nomenclature. Now the iphone 12 Pro will come in two sizes 6.1 inches just like the iphone 11 and rumored iphone 12 and yes that is larger than the 5.8-inch screen found on the current iphone 11 Pro and who knows if this is the same body size the smaller bezels or a slightly larger size body then, of course, there's the iphone 12 pro max which is rumored to get a bigger 6.7-inch display compared to the 6.5 inches one on the iphone 11 pro max now again this could be a combination of smaller bezels and a slightly bigger body we'll just have to wait and see now if you think about it essentially you have three sizes to choose from one 5.4 inch phone two 6.1 inch phones and one 6.7 inch phone.

All four iphone models will likely have an OLED panel so there is OLED XDR displays in the iphone 12, 12mini and 12 Pro, 12 pro max however there are rumors now these are more wishy-washy that the 12 pro and 12 pro max models could get a high refresh rate display now this sounds more wishful thinking to me than anything but seeing a 90 hertz or 120-hertz screen on an iphone could be truly magical when it finally happens just look at the iPad Pro and its promotion display as a reference. Now then there's 5g just like we've seen with most Android flagships this year the iphone 12 and 12 Pro are rumored to get support for 5g the 12 and 12 mini will likely support the low band and mid-band 5g aka the sub 6 variety this kind of 5g has a long-range but not the fastest speeds the 12 pro and 12 pro max will likely also support the faster but shorter range millimeter-wave version of 5g.


The new iphones will likely get the addition of lidar just like the ipad pro the new phones would likely use lidar not only for ar apps but for faster focusing as well as better effects like portrait mode now it's unclear if the 12 pro models would stick with the same triple camera array like the iphone 11 pro and just add a lidar in fact there are some non-apple renders showing four circles on the camera bump and it kind of looks like a stove top and as we've seen in previous iphones the cameras get their oomph from apple's processor that processor along with the isp is the brains behind a fear of photos hdr video and computational photography among other things and you can pretty much bet on the fact that the a14 ship announced for the ipad air last month will be the new brains for the iphone 12 family there will likely also be a u1 chip for ultra wideband connectivity just like the ones found in the 11 pro not only will this allow connections between phones you can track down a lost phone even if it's not connected to the internet but also to a potential new apple product called air tags which would be a small device you attach to a bag or a wallet or your keys to track and find different items there could even be an upgraded u1 chip and a u2 chip.


Let's get to probably the biggest rumor here which is the price the iphone 12 is both cheaper and more expensive than the iphone 11. let me explain the iphone 12 mini will likely cost Rs. 74,900 (128GB) and the iphone 12 is rumored to cost Rs. 84,900 (256GB) now the good news is that the prices for the iphone 12 pro and 12 pro max will likely stay at (Rs. 83,200) and (Rs. 90,400) respectively now Apple is rumored to be emitting a power brick and earpods that come in the box but there should still be a usb cable.

So, guys, I meet you with my next blog and you have any suggestions for me to tell in the comment section.

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