Top 10 free pro android apps you must try out in 2021

Are you an Android user? An excellent choice is to learn from Google. I will show you 10 useful free pro android apps, that will save time, wish you a lot, and will make your life easier. These apps are among the best free ones that work flawlessly on Android devices without any extra charges.

1. TruePick's

It features some handpicked fabulous Wallpapers and Amazing home-screen setups with all the needed information about the resources used, like Icon Pack, Launcher, Widget Names, their respective links, and more. I really like and I'm sure you guys are going to love it is a true pick's this is just an amazing app for all those android customizations.

2. Google files Go

Google Files Go is like a file manager app it helps to send files from one device to another and it also helps to Clean up your device from junk files, heavy files, and many more. 

I know these days we have phones with base 64GB storage and yeah 64GB storage is a good amount of storage but with 4k videos big sized games even that isn't enough at times and that's where big file size app comes into play well it's a simple app you just open it up and it automatically shows you the biggest files on your phone.

3. Pinnit

This Android app turns your to-dos into persistent notifications you can't ignore. This new Android app is as elegant as it is simple. Just jot down a task, and Pinnit will turn it into a persistent notification that will remain visible for all eternity. This app really helps you.

4. TV Usage

The one and only app designed for Android TV with screentime, usage hours, app lock, and many more features to put you in charge to control your Android TV usage. TV Usage is a digital well-being app for android so as you can see the app shows you the duration of time you've spent on different apps on your tv. 

You can also check out the details and set screen time and usage are for an app if you want to limit the usage that's when all the app even lets you put a lock to specific apps to pin so yeah this is a great all-around app if you have maybe kids at home and you want to resist the usage.

5. Youtube Music

Youtube Music is a music streaming platform that gives the highest amount of audio music and video music with great quality sound. It is better than Spotify, Jio Savan, Apple Music, and other competitors.

6. FilterBox

FilterBox is a powerful notification manager with a variety of functions and a smooth experience. Keep all notification history and free flow in the form of a timeline. Restore the 20 recent notifications you dismissed back to the system notification panel. 

I'm sure you've tried several apps that show you your notification history but filter box is a notification manager app that takes that to the next level, first of all, yes it does bring a notification history page which unlike a lot of other apps looks great it shows you the current active notifications and the notifications you have dismissed in this really cool looking timeline.


7. Dolby On

Dolby On is the only free recording app with cutting-edge Dolby audio technology. Dolby's new app Dolby on and it's a pretty cool recording app, Dolby, on is a great recording app if you want to record songs voiceovers music, or basically anything else that you have in mind. 

Now I know this looks like your usual voice recorder app with a nice looking UI but there's more when you start recording the app takes three seconds to get an idea of the noise around you and then when you stop recording it applies noise reduction and things like dynamic eq volume maximization stereo widening easy fades and a lot of handy effects.

8. Wavelet

Wavelet is an Android app that can make your headphones sound much better with automatic EQ. ... Apps or mods that significantly improve the sound quality of your Android device often require root access. Audio mods generally require root access. 

But this app on the list well it does not I'm talking about wavelet which is an auto eq app that's perfect if you want to customize the audio performance of your headphones.

Here's how it works you just connect your earphones and play some music after which the app shows you this set of optimizations now the highlight here is obviously the auto eq feature which uses headphones to sound neutral so that you get a true audio experience.

9. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is the best-looking and most convenient theme manager available on Android. It offers tons of themes for users to choose from. You can also drag and drop your widgets from Google or any other app to get them as Nova packs or apply them with one click. 

The best part about Nova Launcher is that it's ad-free and virus-free! It has widgets that can be used as home screen clocks, calendars, contacts, and more to offer users a better entertainment experience.

10. Dropbox

Dropbox Android app gives you modern cloud storage and gives access to Dropbox services. This allows you to share and save all your files in one place. You can also transfer files directly from your computer or mobile device to the Android device. Download Dropbox today and get access to unlimited storage space on your Android device as it is fully accessible from the Google Play Store.

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