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Friends, you must have thought that the battery of the mobile phone does not run that much and in the coming times, we keep talking about different technologies, but if you think that you have once charged the phone And you never have to charge his battery, that is, once you buy the phone, you do not need to charge it, you can do it as much as you want and it is not only about the phone, you took an electric vehicle witch and You put a battery inside it, and inside it, you can run unlimited as much as you want. If we see well, this thing can be possible. If we see well, this thing can be possible, ie a battery has been inaugurated that once charged can last for 28000 years, not a few hours, not a few days, not a few months, not a few years.

So what is the name of this technology, there is a company called NDB, it has developed this technology and the name of this technology is Nano Diamond Battery means a battery has been made from Diamond's. let's know more about this.

First of all, this battery has been made using Nuclear waste, that is, you will know that in today's time the use of Nuclear energy is used in different places in the world. Different electricity and different things are developed, but Nuclear power plants are Nuclear reactors, whatever they are.

They have the biggest problem. This thing works, the Nuclear Waste that is obtained from the Nuclear Power Plant is being converted to the same within a battery and by using the same, these people are converting Nuclear Energy into electrical energy from which your Battery will be made, now it means that from Nuclear power plant, you get to see radioactive graphite and by using the same radioactive graphite, these people are creating a diamond. 

The two are much more interlinked and the same thing is being done here, that is a conversation of Graphite is happening inside the diamond and what is happening is that its Nuclear energy is inside the cell of the diamond i.e. the top diamond is It will save Nuclear Energy along with radioactive nature which will protect from the radiation that comes out and you will get to see a battery in the form of the diamond. 

And the special thing is that the Nuclear Energy or Nuclear Waste that these people are using has so much capacity inside that it can take many years to discharge completely, and if we agree to its discharge rate. A normal Nuclear diamond battery will take 28000 years to be completely discharged, you bought a new phone on today's date, you will not be able to finish the battery of that phone in your entire life.

At the same time, it is that it can be developed in different from factor in double-A batteries in triple-A batteries can be made in different shapes and batteries even electronic vehicles can be made. It is a very good concept, even made a mobile phone battery, made a pacemaker's battery and it seems that the radiation nuclear is being used, so it is exactly Nuclear Waste, it is covered inside the diamond cell. 

The diamond which keeps the radiation out and the diamond batteries are there, that is, the Nano Diamond batteries, the level of their radiation is much higher than the radiation of the human body. 

And if you implement it in any electric vehicles such as an upcoming Tesla car, then it can be implemented in 100 to 150 mobile phones, then it can be implemented in a mobile phone for 1000 years, and then it will be implemented in the cell of double-A, triple-A batteries. Many years running applications and applications are unlimited. And the types of warehouses that are in the present time are in research face and have been made inside Laboratories.

Right now we are talking about it, but its practical implementation is not available in today's time, it is clear and in the present time we are using the same batteries based on Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymer. This is much more ancient and research has been going on on different battery technologies for the past many years, but any other technology you have not seen in the mainstream has seen some different things. 

Like graphene has been broken to work, but the commercialization that is as big as it is, we have not got to see it, so you definitely have to wait. Proper mass production is very time-consuming and it seems that the feature of the batteries is very bright even nanodiamonds break the battery in the side for the time being.

If we talk about the graphene-based battery, then if all the things are right then by 2022 we will also have to see the phones with graphene battery, because Samsung is also working on the technology and all the things are right. From the side, you will see the first phone with which graphene-based battery.

Lithium polymer is going to remain in the present time, graphene will come in the coming time, Nanodiamond battery is still in the development phase, it is a very good technology, it is a very good concept. It is a very good thing if seen to be profitable, but it will take too much time to practice.

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