How Information Technology changing the World

We're all immersed in technology and use it every day both for personal and professional reasons it's also a major driving force in our economy with many Information Technology companies employing lots of people or enabling other sectors to thrive as well the industry is much more than the internet Facebook or Snapchat and since it will continue to grow in the future.

1. AI technology sometimes scares Us


The future is here and it might look close to what the movies taught us it will look like Facebook's experiment is a prime example of humans not understanding how artificial intelligence looks just yet the engineers created a chatbot that was meant to mimic human behavior specifically negotiation. The two programs named Bob and Alice not only started doing so but they also started speaking in a language of their own incomprehensible to their creators they did eventually switch to English but it still got spooky enough that Facebook closed the whole thing down soon afterward.

2. Big companies outsource with India Africa or Eastern Europe


Sure places like Silicon Valley are in the US but there's an overwhelming trend brought on by globalization that connects the world through technology outsourcing is by now one of the most common practices in the industry in which service providers take care of major parts of a business engineering the product marketing Human Resources you name it. For example, a US company can function with virtually no employees in the United States instead of having them spread around the world in Cheaper places such as India. In India, the outsourcing business is heavily supported by the government through its taxation policies GDP growth and so much more Eastern Europe and Africa are also popular outsourcing regions.

3. Coding will most likely become compulsory in the future


Coding is a very tangible part of our lives right now however not many of us can make our software program or app that's sure to change in the future though since it seems like it will become mandatory for children to start learning computing skills, first of all, it's a known fact that we do need people with these skills and the jobs pay extremely well on the other hand programming isn't just about making stuff for money it will help children learn Rison logic and even how to be more creative now wouldn't that make for a better society plus who wouldn't love to design their app just because they can.

4. Silicon Valley is famous due to the IT industry and startups

Technology innovation startups yes we're talking about Silicon Valley the world's most famous Center for tech companies but most of all for its enduring track record of innovation GoogleApple, Facebook, Netflix it's all there, however, these are just the bigger and more famous ones since around 2000 companies are a part of Silicon Valley so what makes the area so special well it could be the closeness to different suppliers but there's also the magic spell of being in an area that encourages creativity and problem-solving.

5. The 2nd richest men in the industry is Bill Gates with a net worth of $99.9 billion


Microsoft founder Bill Gates is not only one of the richest men in the world but also the wealthiest man in the IT industry he used a computer for the first time in 1967 and found his purpose at an early age co-founding Microsoft in 1975 with his friend Paul Allen he's no longer the company's CEO has resigned 18 years ago but he's still a member of the board nowadays he's more focused on his charity work sharing the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which aims to improve the lives of people in need he's even working with Rotary International a global charity organization to help eradicate polio Gates owns just over 1 percent of Microsoft shares at the moment yet his net worth is at $99.9 billion.

6. Some hackers act like superheroes and are intended to help the poor and expose corruption


It's something that seems like it's taken out of Mr. robot yet it's, in fact, true hackers have been known for walking a line between good and bad usually defying laws and different rules they are mostly governed by an anti-oppression philosophy of life taking down censorship and exposing corruption The International activist organization Anonymous is famous for its cyberattacks on governments and other institutions. Anonymous members hide their faces behind masks reminiscent of the Guy Fawkes character in V for Vendetta these digital Robin Hood's protested the shooting of Michael Brown in 2014 helped spread the Occupy Wall Street movement and targeted child pornography websites among many other actions around the world. 

7. Volkswagen blames software developers for Diselgate

Volkswagen was caught red-handed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 2015 when it was found that their laboratory emissions testing weren't matching the actual emissions output their cars were causing hopping 40% more emissions than claimed so how did they explain this well blame it on the software guys Volkswagen CEO declared the devices were hacked by a few engineers that went rogue effectively looking like the company was cheating and launching diesel gate.

8. Dropbox is the most famous cloud storage service


From keeping our photos safe to switching our favorite shows on Netflix it's hard to imagine not using a cloud-based service we've gotten so used to having easy access to everything cloud technology uses servers to store your data and the hosting company owns and manages the physical environment so you don't have to basically what we're doing is buying the storage capacity from them and what better example is there than Dropbox the super popular storage service got its start after an MIT student Drew Houston kept forgetting his USB flash drive he invented something for himself and quickly realized that since the existing solutions at the time simply weren't cutting it this would be very useful for a larger audience and he was right.

9. Girls are starting to get more into code


Here's a pretty big gender gap in IT right now but things are looking up, in general, the industry has been known for its lack of diversity which nonprofits such as girls who code are working to solve they offer immersion programs specialized programs, and school clubs that are aimed at girls the organization also challenges the image of what a programmer should look like or be like while offering young women the opportunity to gain important coding skills award programs such as women NIT excellence awards are also stepping up to recognize women's contributions to the industry but most of all they provide a stage for constructing inspiring role models.

10. The Internet is not the same as WWW

This may be obvious for people that love computers but for the average person, it's good to note the Internet is not the same as www. The US Department for Defense is actually responsible for the internet we know and love the development supported research that eventually led to ARPANET in 1969 which was a network that connected computers at large universities in the country so it's a big network on interconnected software and hardware parts, on the other hand, the web's job is to transmit data over the internet through a URL which stands for Uniform Resource locator when you type in a URL to your browser it locates an HTML document and that is where you can find your favorite content.

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