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Reddit.com is a site boasting the title the front page of the Internet but what allows it to claim such a title some would say because Reddit has something for everyone while others comment on the news and perspectives which can be found nowhere else you may be stuck on Reddit AMA ask me anything page for hours reading Q&A from celebrities professionals and random individuals alike an AMA by Bill Gates may catch news headlines but there's more to the site than celebrities and means.

1. Reddit is the 24th most visited website in the world

The sites rank as the seventh most visited site in the United States as of November of 2016 the front page of the Internet had a community of 234 million unique users these users access Reddit from 217 countries across the globe this diverse community is dedicating time and energy into over 850,000 subreddit pages all of this effort results in approximately 25 million post votes a day and over 8 billion page views a month.

2.  Reddit was started by two 22-year-olds

In June of 2005, the co-founder Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian had both recently graduated from the University of Virginia the two were in Medford Massachusetts when they founded Reddit with no clue to the judgment they created in 2017 just 12 years after founding Reddit calm Alexis Ohanian has an estimated net worth of 4.5 million dollars and co-founder Steve Hoffman is estimated to have a net worth of 4 million dollars.

3. Alexis Ohanian is engaged to Serena Williams

On Thursday, December 19th of 26 seeing Serena Williams announce to the world that she and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian were engaged Serena shows the most appropriate place to make this momentous announcement on the subreddit said yes a place for people all over the world to share their engagement stories the post consists of an image of the couple as if they were Reddit aliens and includes a short poem from Serena two months after the initial posting of the announcement and it still holds a spot on the subreddit front page.

4. Reddit.com uses a different site to host all the images


The staff at imgur.com may be the unsung heroes of the Reddit community Inger is an image hosting web service that is used to host the images posted on all of the subreddits even though intercom is home to its own community with a separate set of standards than Reddit Imgur makes profits on its own to the site has an estimated value of 3 billion dollars fun fact if you want to only view with the images submitted to subreddit visit in imgur.com/r/subreddit, for example, try visiting in imgur.com/r/luxury.

5. The most exclusive subreddits the Century Club

It will take more than paying out of a 399 a month for Reddit gold a premium membership level offering benefits like hiding ads and being able to view more posts on a page at once to gain access to the Century Club your account will need a hundred thousand karma or more to begin the application process it is impossible to view the subreddit unless invited which has caused some users to speculate whether or not anyone even posts there.

6. Shorter posts are more likely to go viral

Evidence suggests that the popularity of items shared on the front page of the internet is inversely proportionate to the length of what is shared if you want something to get around it's best to keep it short to the point however this may not serve as a hard sauce rule as internet popularity is sometimes unpredictable be careful what you post you never know who might or might not see your post.

7. People have lost jobs over Reddit post

Spending any amount of time browsing Reddit and you will quickly become familiar with what makes a post or you viral most users may never experience what it's like to truly go viral unfortunately for some it comes with grave consequences several users have been fired from their real-life job after a post has gone viral and personal information of the posters goes public this has occurred to a waitress a programmer and a teacher at every public level and can happen to anyone if they are not careful online.

8. Most Redditors are young men

Bill Gates Barack Obama and Neil deGrasse Tyson maybe some of the most well-known Redditors out there but if you picked a random Reddit user what would they look like over half the users are 30 or younger with a vast majority being men and just over half of Reddit users are from the United States on any given day this average user will spend 80 to 90 minutes on reddit.com.

9. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised for charity on Reddit

The community has come together on more than one occasion to help those in need the members of the charity come together every day to help people in need however few occasions stick out more than others after the high Asian earthquake in January of 2010 Redditors came together and donated over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars for relief efforts in 2010 and 2011 Christianity atheism subreddit communities competed in donation drives raising over $200,000 money isn't just donated from users these days though in February of 2014 Reddit announced a new policy where it would begin donating 10% of its revenue to nonprofits these were added based on Reddit user votes.

10. Reposting is a serious violation

 As with any community, Reddit has a set of unwritten rules which are expected to be adhered to for someone new to Reddit and may be easy to break these rules which results in the community downloading content and ignoring comments perhaps the most important of these is to never repost something unfortunately for those that do not regularly visit the site the frequently changing content often means it's hard to keep track of what was popular day week or even month.

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