Exciting facts about Netflix

Exciting facts about Netflix

Relatively a newcomer to the entertainment industry  Netflix has quickly become one of the largest entertainment juggernauts of our time making billions in annual revenue and ranking 15th on Forbes's most innovative companies list Netflix is a modern success story with a lot going on Netflix history.

1. Netflix is the 79th most valuable brand in the World

Netflix is a 79th most valuable brand in the world the film and television giant that is Netflix boasts an annual revenue of approximately $7.15 billion the company almost boasts a market capitalization of $41.1 billion although it has yet to break the top 1,000 for global sales and assets Netflix does claim a spot in the top 500 of America's Best Employers was approximately 3,500 employees all of this is thanks to Netflix is approximate 100 million worldwide users.

2. Netflix is a 23 years old company that was founded on August 29th of 1997

Netflix is 23 years old the company was founded on August 29th of 1997 in the town of Scotts Valley California Netflix was found by mark Randolph and Reed Hastings mark Randall served as CEO of Netflix till 1999 when he had to control over to Reed Hastings mark Randolph also worked with Mitch Lowe on a concept called Netflix Express a rental kiosks service this idea was rejected by Hastings and Mitch Lowe turned this idea into the red box.

3. Netflix almost went out of business

Netflix almost went out of business Netflix first introduced the business model of flat-fee unlimited rentals without due dates or other fees however a year later Netflix negotiated in an acquisition offer with a blockbuster for 50 million dollars the offer was rejected and two years later Netflix began the public sale of stock to raise funds for the company selling over 6 million shares of stock at $15 per share in 2002 that would help set up Netflix for greatness in the coming years posting a profit of 6.5 million dollars in 2003 and growing those revenues to 272 million by 2005.

4. Netflix earns the first Emmy nomination for a digital-only TV series in July of 2013

Netflix earns the first Emmy nomination for a digital-only TV series in July of 2013 three of Netflix's original series received Emmy nominations the shows nominated were Arrested Development Hemlock Grove and the house of cards episode titled chapter 1 won the award for outstanding cinematography for a single-camera series this award also made chapter 1 the first episode to win an Emmy Award, not the only award Netflix has bragging rights over as both the show's house of cards and oranges the new black have been honored with Peabody Awards.

5. The most Netflix original series with the highest budget is the Crown

The most Netflix original series with the highest budget is the 'Crown' a period drama following the early years of Queen Elizabeth ii role as a monarch to the British royal family the series cost Netflix an estimated one hundred and thirty million dollars of the season, in contrast, the highly praised and award-winning house of cards has a budget of approximately 30 million dollars a season this seasonal budget for the crown not only makes it the most costly Netflix original series it also makes a series the most costly television show ever produced.

6. Only four countries are without Netflix services

Only four countries are without Netflix services as of January of 2016 Netflix is available worldwide with four exceptions the countries of mainland China, Syria North Korea, and Crimea are the only four countries which are without Netflix services in the world do the international usage of Netflix the service is officially available in 18 languages with this massive availability it's no wonder Netflix has grown to nearly a hundred million users.

7. Netflix is the 43rd most popular website in the world

Netflix is the 43rd most popular website in the world if you condensed most of the different google sites together Netflix rank rises to 32nd with an average of 10 billion hours of viewed content in a month it's no wonder necklace is rising in the global ranks the average Netflix user gets all of its content on an amazing value of 20 cents per hour of content viewed these millions of users from across the globe has allowed Netflix to invest 6 billion dollars for original content shows in 2017.

8. Netflix studies Internet pirates

Netflix studies Internet pirates share data through services such as BitTorrent and The Pirate Bay these sites allow users to share protected intellectual property often outside the bounds of the law it's estimated that these pirates cost the film industry approximately twenty point five billion dollars annually Netflix studies the trends and videos with high piracy rates and uses that data to adjust the film and television shows available to users of Netflix.

9. Netflix has thousands of Genres

Netflix has thousands of genres over 75,000 different genres and growing are available to any Netflix user to access the so-called micro-genres a user needs to change their URL to 'netflix.com/browse/genre/1365' these micro-genres include understated independent thrillers and gritty military movies from the 1980s some of these are considered test Chandra's and contain no titles browsing through these odd genres give us a glimpse of the minds behind Netflix and what we may expect in the future.

10. Reed Hastings is worth $1.7 billion

Reed Hastings is worth $1.7 the co-founder of and the current CEO of Netflix Reed Hastings may not rank in the top 500 wealthiest people in the world but a self-made 1.7 billion dollars is something to be tremendously proud of however Reed has had a tendency to get political with his money which has to cause some backlash against him in one example Reed o nated 1 million dollars to a committee supporting Jack O'Connell for governor of California in 2010.

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