How YouTube become so popular in India | YouTube facts

How YouTube become so popular in India | YouTube facts

1. Growth of Youtube in India

In today's time, the fastest growing website in India is YouTube and there are so many interesting facts about this website that you will not know.

 2. Watch time of YouTube

Like, do you know that 400 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube in 1 minute, I mean all the videos uploaded in 1 minute, if they are combined the length of all of them, then they are even above 400 hours. Goes, but who is watching all these videos, then the active users inside YouTube is 1.8 Billion which is 1/4 of the global population and if we talk in India, there are only 225 million users who Watch youTube active

3. First Video of YouTube

Do you know that the first video uploaded to YouTube was on 23 April 2005 and uploaded it by Mr. Jawed Karim who was the jump co-founder of YouTube and he uploaded his first video and that The name of the video was Me at the zoo and you can search this video by going to YouTube?

4. YouTube Brand

Do you know that YouTube was a separate company before and later it took Google crores and Google gave it 1.45 billion dollars and when Google bought it, YouTube did not have any revenue model? And YouTube was also completely lost in the way, but only then did Google believe that one day the thing will work.

5. Most Viewed YouTube Video

And from that, you must have heard the name of the Gangnam style and if you have not heard, then this is a very popular music video which became very viral and this video became so much viral that the view of YouTube The counter is neither a bit, I mean that the normal view counter which was earlier was an integer of 32 bit, the maximum value of a YouTube counter that could go in CD language was not 2.1 billion views around but This video became so much viral that its views did not exceed 2.14 billion, its view was causing a lot of problems and after that, the entire YouTube Severus was updated to correct the views of this video. And now they use 64 bites of intelligence, it means that it can display more than ९ quintillion numbers, that means if the video gets ९ quintillion views, it will display it correctly but so It is very difficult to have all the views and it does not seem that right now Going to do.

6. YouTube Languages

Do you know that YouTube is available in 75 different languages, this means that it covers 95% of the entire Internet populace.

7. CEO of YouTube

Do you guys like Susan Wojcicki who is the CEO of YouTube? Gave it to Sergey Brin on Garage rent in 1979 and if you know the logo Larry Page; Who was Sergey Brin, he was the Co-Founder of Google, and the Garage that Google started with was Susan Wojcicki and later when Google turned Barron, Susan Wojcicki was made CEO of YouTube.

8. YouTube Videos Quality

Do you know that YouTube supports all the latest video formats in the world, whether it is HD, FULLHD, ULTRA HD, 4K, 8K videos even 3D, 360, 60FPS, HDR, HDR10, dual vision features? Videos are formats, YouTube is already supported and in today's date, how can you upload videos in video format even if the way you look is not available.

9. YouTube Search Engine

Do you know that youtube is the second largest search engine in the world and that the search engine is after Google and the highest number of searches after Google is done on YouTube and if we talk If you search for how many searches are done on this, then you should guess that it has as many search engines as Bing, Yahoo, they are also ahead of YouTube and Google is the only search engine ahead of YouTube?

10. YouTube first HeadQuator

Did you know that the first headquarters of YouTube when YouTube was launched was 901 Cherry Avenue in San Bruno, California, United States and as of today, we saw that today from that small office, YouTube said that If so, these were the top 10 facts about YouTube and you will comment what you would like to see the facts?

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