Top 10 Interesting Technology facts

Top 10 Interesting Technology facts

Technology the driving force of our modern fast-paced world it's quite hard to imagine where the world would be without it right it permeates every aspect of our lives our work social life free time and even our search for love yet we seem to take it for granted and seldom question what role it plays in our lives even as it's significantly becoming more and more intertwined with who we are educating ourselves, as usual, is the best way to find out how to use it properly and largely to our advantage of a seat relax and let's get going here are the technical facts.

1. Technology is and has been everywhere

Technology is and has been everywhere we've always used technology to change our surroundings and make a better life for ourselves since the Neolithic era when we discovered fire and invented the wheel technology or the science of the craft has enabled us to produce goods and later services also you can't talk about this topic without mentioning the immense progress that we've made in terms of communication we now interact constantly through the internet phone and are always connected with each other even if we are many miles apart however the word technology wasn't used in the same way we use it today actually before the 20th century it was mainly about describing the study of practical crafts or to refer to technical education.

2. We still haven't figured out how pyramids were built

We still haven't figured out how the pyramids were built there are many theories out there about how the pyramids of Egypt were built but we just don't know for sure archaeologists and scientists have figured out however that slave would move heavy stones on sleds water would be used to wet the sand so the stones wouldn't sink in and someone had the job to throw water in the sand a perfect example is the Pyramids of Giza with their hidden chambers and puzzling voids they were built entirely without advanced technology recently a researcher named Glenn - has figured out that the ancient Egyptians would use a rod named women that cast a shadow they used this to calculate the alignment of the three pyramids which is perfect.

3. VR can be used for medical purposes in the features

VR can be used for medical purposes in the future virtual reality is amazing and not only because it has taken the gaming world to a whole new level it's not really obvious right now but VR is silently taking over different industries and will transform how we interact and mostly how we learn since the introduction of the oculus and HTC Vive it has become a trend in education as many businesses are trying to explore new possibilities on the market a great example is the use of VR in medical training just think about it would you rather learn about the heart by reading an article or by studying a 3d model of the heart the choice is a no-brainer.

4. There are lots of unknown women inventors

There are lots of unknown women inventors generally speaking women have remained anonymous for a large part of history mostly because their accomplishments would not have been taken seriously centuries ago this is also true for women investors whose names are virtually unknown to most of us, for example, a lot of people use cabinet beds a bed that you can fold into a desk especially in dorm rooms it was invented by Sarah Goode who was granted the patent in 1888 another woman Eunice Foote defined the greenhouse effect and physician Frances Oldham Kelsey refused to authorize thalidomide to be sold to the public because of its devastating effects that caused birth defects and if you're an astronomy fan did you know that Maria Mitchell was the first woman to be recognized as an astronomer and discovered a comment.

5. Elon Musk is inventing and developing in multiple areas

Elon Musk is investing and developing in multiple areas he is everywhere in the news right now but up until recent years, Elon Musk was mostly known only to tech lovers the South African-born magnate inventor and engineer have built himself the reputation of being a scientist businessman superstar and for good reason, he's the CEO founder and lead designer of SpaceX he's also co-founded and is the CEO of Tesla and neural link however his track record of innovative endeavors does include PayPal high-speed transportation systems Solar City and open AI a non-profit artificial intelligence research company he is an advocate for the advancement of technology and future travel on Mars he came up with a concept of landing a miniature greenhouse on Mars that would contain food crops and that was in 2001 and thankfully has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

6. The tech industry wants to attract more women

The tech industry wants to attract more women Tech has a problem and it's a gender imbalance in 2015 only a quarter of tech employees in the US were women and in the UK it fared worse with only 17 percent some companies have realized that they are missing out on great talent and who adopted some strategies to correct this a good strategy is training recruiting staff to be aware they have an unconscious bias when hiring new staff other techniques include deleting gender info from resumes giving more maternity rights and changing the way they advertise tech jobs in the first place in order to attract more women.

7. Intel was involved in a microprocessor scandal

Intel was involved in a microprocessor scandal researchers have found a flaw in the very core of computer chips that mean almost any recent device could be insecure and give up the sensitive information it's protecting the bug could affect everything from the phone in your pocket to the servers that help sends it in you might want to know this for the safety of your own device the truth is that we have to work more on improving data security and the latest Intel microprocessor scandal is a great example of that apparently the computer chips have a flaw so recent devices could not protect the information that they're receiving and if you think that's not too bad from your personal mobile phone to the servers that help run it they are all effective also this has been going on for the last two decades and fixing this problem is very complicated, to say the least, Intel stock is down 3.4% while rival AMD's has increased by 5.2 percent.

8. The first car was viewed as wired as a thing that would never work

The first car was viewed as a weird thing that would never work people and their fear for change throughout history great inventions were seen as suspicious and many people tended to doubt their potential the first car is no exception Karl Benz the inventor of the internal combustion engine was 100% dedicated to his work his vision was of a world in which transportation would be faster and easier remember at the time people still traveled in horse-drawn carriages his associates and Max Rose his partner were among the skeptics even if Rose invested money in the endeavor but that does go to show that naysayers should sometimes just well be ignored especially if you have a great idea.

9. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are still viewed with skepticism

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are still viewed with skepticism in terms of more recent technology blockchain seem to be discussed everywhere yet few people know what it is or to put it bluntly don't want to have it in their companies the fields that are most likely to implement it are in the finance insurance and telecommunications industries tech companies are especially wary of overhauling their information technology department in order to implement blockchain other reasons include a potential change of organizational culture and the skills that the implementation will require are hard to find a recent survey from Gartner is pretty telling out of almost 300 chief information officers that were surveyed only one percent said they adopted any kind of blockchain in their companies.

10. The most expensive gadget in the world s a smartphone

The most expensive gadget in the world is a smartphone you may love technology and wait for each new phone release like it's your job but would you shell out 15 million dollars for an iPhone that's how much the world's most expensive device costs built by jeweler Stewart Hughes the phone was custom made using gold and diamond is the outer case is 24 karat gold and the corners are made of diamonds plus get this the home button is a black diamond that actually sounds more like a piece of art than a phone and it would be pretty hard to assemble it since it took Hughes more than two months to complete oh by the way.

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