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The search engine and technology company that over a billion people rely on every day, of course, we're talking about Google. The company with the most visited website in the world Google Inc is now a multinational technology company that offers a wide variety of Internet-related services and products but in 1998 it started as an idea that two Stanford Ph.D. students had for improving the web search process Larry Page and Sergey Brin incorporated Google as a privately held company on September 4th, 1998 after initially trying to sell their company with no success they both decided to take Google public with an IPO in 2004 and committed to staying with the company through to at least 2024 they also established a headquarters called the Googleplex.

In Mountain View, California Google soared in popularity and is now used worldwide by over a billion people daily in 2015. Google announced its plans to reorganize its interests in a conglomerate called Alphabet Inc which is now valued at around $1,628.52 billion. We know that Google has acquired numerous companies and expanded well beyond its search engine capabilities some of the services Google now offers includes Gmail Google Translate Google Calendar Google Maps Google Chrome Google Drive as of 2019 Google has 70 offices in more than  50 countries and the brand itself is worth over $1 Trillion.

1. Its original name was a "Backrub"

Larry Page and Sergey Brin originally settled on the name backrub for their search engine because their program analyzed backlinks to understand how important a website was and what other sites it related to the name lasted about a year until they began brainstorming new names that would reflect just how much data they were indexing which leads to the next fact.

2. Google's name comes from the mathematical term "Googol"

Google's name came from the mathematical term Googol which is a number that is a 1 with 100 zeros following it when page and his office mates at Stanford began tossing around ideas for the name a graduate student named Sean Anderson suggested the word Googleplex which page then shortened to Google spelled GeoGol when Anderson went to check if that domain name had been taken he accidentally searched for google GOOGLE instead and page decided that that would be the name he registered the domain on September 15, 1997, in case you're wondering a googolplex is the digit 1 followed by googol zeroes.

3. The original "I'm feeling lucky" option cost Google up to $110 Million per year

Thanks to Google Instant the original I'm feeling lucky option has been changed since now Google starts narrowing down search results as soon as you start typing in the search box but another reason why Google may have decided to change this option is that it was costing the company up to one hundred and ten million dollars per year since it bypassed ads to take the searcher to the top result immediately.

4. The first Google doodle was inspired by Burning Man

Google has introduced more than 2,000 Google doodles on their homepage to celebrate holidays people events and achievements the first google doodle was a burning man stick figure that founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin had added to the homepage while they were at the Burning Man festival in Nevada in August of 1998 they wanted a creative way to let users know that they would be away and unable to handle any technical issues.

5. Google made an agreement with NASA in exchange for a private runway

When Google needed a place to land their multiple private planes including a Boeing 767 a Boeing 757 and two Gulfstream V's they decided to approach their Silicon Valley neighbor NASA with a unique proposition in exchange for exclusive runway rights Google gives NASA permission to use their planes to test scientific equipment and collect data Google gives NASA $1.3 million a year as a part of this agreement as well in 2008 Google also signed a 40-year deal to lease 42 acres from NASA for $3.66 million per year to build a new Googleplex headquarters.

6. Google owns common misspellings of its own Name

Google has made a point to buy the domain names of common misspellings of their site such as www. google com with an 'extra O' www. google com with 'one 0' and www. google with

7. Google rents goats to mow the lawn of their headquarters

Google is a green community that is concerned about the environment and one of the unique ways they hope to lessen their carbon footprint is by renting goats to mow their lawn every now and then the company rents 200 goats for a week at a time to trim their lawn eat the weeds and clear out some of the brush.

8. The founders weren't happy when Google was added to the dictionary

In 2006 the Merriam-webster and Oxford English dictionary's included the definition for Google for the first time but the heads of Google weren't particularly excited about it in a blog post the company said we'd like to make it clear that you should please only use Google when you're actually referring to 'Google Inc' and our services reportedly the Google founders were concerned because they had a brand to respect and were afraid that the word Google would be slipped from the trademark status into common usage.

9. There are over 858.19 million Google searches per second

According to the 2019 stats, there are over 100 billion Google searches per month with an average of 858.19 million Google searches per second there are over two trillion searches annually up considerably from 1999 when they first reported 1 billion annual searches.

10. Jeff Bezos was one of the first investors in Google

Google received its first amount of funding in 1998 before the company was incorporated the very first investment was $100,000 given by Andy Bechtel Shyne who is the co-founder of Sun Microsystems later that same year founder Jeff Bezos was among three angel investors that got in early on funding the future $100 billion company.

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