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If Apple is seen, then it is counted in the 4 biggest top 10 cups in the world, as the name of Apple comes with Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple is seen if the crater is iPhone, iPad, iMac, and Mac pro stand.

do app people know that smoking is a ban for Apple means that all of Apple's Mac series are like n MacBook, Mapro, etc. If you smoke with him, then the smoke of his pc can cause bad hardware and these things are not covered in the warranty.

Do you know that Apple is a successful company if we talk about the case in hand, which Apple has
The US franchise also gets double, that is, the number of dollars that the US franchise has with its double amount of dollars is lying with Apple and it becomes a big thing.

Do you know that Apple is such a successful company that the revenue of the first quarter was the revenue of Google, Amazon, Facebook, if we combine the revenue of that quarter then it would be much more interesting than the revenue of Apple She goes.

Do you know that Apple is one of the famous products of iPhone but do you know that when the phone was launched, then before its launch, what was the decision of all its different names like Mobi, Tripod, Tripod and a name was sugared iPad, so you can see that they had discussed quite a few different names before naming the phone and, and these were some extra names?

You will know that the US is the biggest market for Apple but you know that the second biggest market is Apple for China.

And after this, talk about the manufacturing point of view, for the manufacturing, which was Apple earlier, it used to rely on China but now the focus of Apple is that India is going up for the manufacturing of iPhone so come to know The latest iPhones that we have received in time, manufactured in India, so if this happens then it is quite interesting.

And you know that the previous CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, who gave Apple a Quit Care, but he rejoined Apple in 1979 and he said that the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, who had founded the company next. In 1979, Apple had acquired and acquired the company by Apple only to bring Steve Jobs back to Apple and the next takeover cost which was the next was 427 million dollars.

You must have heard the name of Apple's famous designer Jony Ive, who has recently beaten the Apple company of 2019, but do you know that one of the biggest talents was that Apple means that in today's time, we can give the design of iPhone. If it is designed by Jony Ive and we have seen a lot of interesting products like iPad, iMac, MacPro which was designed by Jony Ive and his team then it becomes a very interesting thing.

Do you know that the code name that was given for the first iPhone was that the project owner was 1000 Apple employees working on that project, even in developing that entire project, that is, to develop the first iPhone. I took up to 30 months and the cost of this entire project was n 150 million dollars, so it becomes a very interesting thing.

And further to this, another interesting thing is that when the first iPhone was launched, then the first iPhone was Apple's gift at the time of that launch, if Apple was gifted to every employee then it becomes quite an interesting thing.

With this, we talk about, it comes in the top 50 most visited websites in the world.

And if we talk in the USA, then comes from the top 30 most visited websites.

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