Evolution of Smartphone - 2020

Evolution of Smartphone - 2020

Android smartphones are there since 2008 but in the last 10 years, they have evolved a lot. So let's have a look at the evolution of Android smartphones in the past 10 years. In 2008 the first Android smartphone is launched by HTC and that was HTC DreamG1.

And at that time there were very few Android smartphones. But in 2010, you started getting an android smartphone from many different companies.Like SAMSUNG,MOTOROLA,LG,etc.

 Let see how to evolve happened. The first thing is the display means at that time the display sizes are 3(inches),3.5(inches) till maximum 4(inches) but at this time Smartphones display sizes are from 6(inches)
 to 6.9(inches).Even the brazelless trend is very popular and the displays
are going to full brazelless that means no Notch, no punched hole, no popup only under-display camera is available.

And the under-display selfie Camara is the next big feature and we gonna see this exciting feature next year which means in 2021.

 If we are talking about selfie camera then the selfie camera did not exist in old phones actually the selfie trend started growing in 2013.

And then all the smartphone brands start to implement the high resolution and high megapixels lens and in their phones, today's era, a maximum of 44-megapixel cameras are available in the Smartphones.

And if we came back over the display, At first time the smartphones came with Normal TFT displays but at this time IPS, AMOLED, SuperAMOLED, RETINA displays are available and even a new display trend is started, and that is high refresh rate like 90(Hz),120(Hz)even 144(Hz) displays are available. And one more thing that you see the high-resolution screens like FHD, QuadHD even 4k screen Smartphones are available in the market.

And the biometric security technology is so advanced. Even at this time, almost all smartphones have a face unlock feature.

But this is not soo accurate and we need some development on it. There is a feature that is soo enhance and that is 'fingerprint unlock'  it is a very good feature and very secure. And the first smartphone that came with a fingerprint feature and is Motorola Atrix which is launched in 2011.

And as we can see that fingerprint technology is so advanced, at this time you see the under-display fingerprint feature is so secure and easy to use.

At that time the phones so thick and their battery did not work at all. But at this time phones are so thin and their battery lasts a lot, leave the battery the fast charging technology is so improving in the last 2 years as you can see the 50(watt),60(watt) even 65(watt) output fast charging technologies are available. Even you see in the next 3 years the fast wireless charging and fast reverse wireless charging technology is so advanced.

And at the time the voice assistant technology is so advanced like Google assistant for Android phones and Siri for IOS phones. This feature allows us to use our phones without any touch.

So, guys, I meet you with my next blog and you have any suggestions for me tell on the comment section.
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